Home Decor Items for Autumn

The Best Home Decor Items for Autumn 2023

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Home Decor Items for Autumn

Décor trends change often throughout the year, what was ‘in style’ during Spring is quite often out of style to come, Summer has led to home decor following along closely with seasons, taking inspiration from the distinct feels, looks, and aesthetics that come along with each season.

As Summer is winding down, we will soon be entering Autumn, which is why we have made this handy guide to help you pick out the best seasonal décor items for this coming Autumn.

4. Autumn Decorative Pinecones

When we think of Autumn, a lot of the time, our minds go to the image of crisp orange leaves and crunchy pinecones dotted across the floor, well with these decorative felt pinecones you can bring that authentic Autumnal look into your home this year. These decorative pinecones are made in the classic Autumn colours of orange, red and brown, which are sure to bring a touch of nature into your home.

As with all small décor accessories, you have a lot of options in terms of how you use these decorative pinecones. Whether you bundle them into a vase to create a seasonal Potpourri look, scatter them across a linen table cloth to make a delightful centerpiece at dinner time, or hang them from fairy lights to create your own Autumnal wonderland.

3. Autumnal Dried Flower Bouquets

Seasonal flower bouquets are always a good décor piece to utilise in your home, they add a feel of nature to any room they’re used in, have delightful scents to them, and look amazing when paired with the right pot. The only downside of seasonal flowers is that they may droop after a few days, but you won’t have that problem with dried flowers as they can last for up to 5 years when given the right care!

For an autumnal feel, you have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the plants and flowers that you use, but plants like wheat, coloured oats, and pampas grass will give you a fresh bouquet of autumnal colours, that is sure to give your home a lovely feel that’s perfect for the Autumn months.

2. Halloween Inspired Fairy Lights

Throughout Autumn, the days get shorter and the nights get longer, which means that you’ll want additional lighting in your home’s décor scheme to account for the reduced levels of natural light in your home. Using fairy lights is a great way to accomplish this, as you get to add more lighting into your home, as well as add a feel of kitschy comfort.

For inspiration for your fairy lights, you should look to Halloween, it is the most important celebration of the Autumn time and its themes mesh well with general Autumnal themes. Using lots of orange colours, taking inspiration from pumpkins, and embracing the nighttime will allow you to perfectly blend the cosy look of Autumnal décor with the macabre fun of Halloween.

1. Clarksville Ochre Roman Blind

And at the top of our list of the best home décor pieces for Autumn 2023, we have this stunning Roman Blind from DotcomBlinds’ Clarksville range! The Clarksville Ochre Roman Blind is an excellent window covering that has a very Autumnal feel to it – the Ochre coloured fabric is reminiscent of crunchy autumn leaves, which is further emphasised by the embroidered tree design adorning this fabric.

Beyond the Autumnal look of this blind, it is also incredibly versatile, thanks to the fact it can be made with a multitude of linings including a thermal lining which can be used to help insulate your home in the cold months. The fabric of the blind itself is made of a Cotton blend which is soft to the touch and adds a touch of class to your home’s windows.

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