6 Types of Blinds to Use for Window Treatments

If you are looking for ways to dress up your home, one of the ways that you can do it is through window treatments. If you’re not interested in curtains and you’re looking for something a bit different to cover your windows, a popular option is blinded. Below are the six types of blinds that are available and an explanation about each of them.

Venetian Blind Cleaning

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice when you are looking for an economical option. They’re made of fabric you can either roll down or up depending on the amount of coverage your window needs. They’re good at keeping sunlight out and insulating, helping keep your home warm during the winter. When they’re rolled down and sunlight’s coming into the room, they easily can help the room warm up.

Cellular blinds

These types of blinds are different types of roller blinds. Rather than material rolling, the shades will pull up and stack on top of each other. This gives them a look that’s nearly invisible. Two fabric pieces are used, and they come in many different colors that you can choose from. They also come in blackout options.

When they’re down, they have air pockets in between the fabric pieces which work to help with insulating the room. That’s how these blinds came to be called cellular blinds. The hollows in the cells look like beehive cells.

When they’re up, they won’t block heat or light from getting in the room. They’re a durable option when you’re looking for blinds that are going to last for many years. They can be cleaned with a vacuum attachment or feather duster. They come in many styles for the opening.

 Venetian blinds

These types of blinds run horizontally rather than vertically. Using tape or cloth, the blinds are connected with the main piece, so it’s easy to close and open them without much effort at all. The blinds are made of wood, metal, or plastic and they come in many different lengths and colors.

When they’re completely closed, they dim light considerably. However, the material that is used is going to depend on how well the light is dimmed. Wood and metal often keep out more light when compared with plastic. The material your blinds are made from also will affect the kind of maintenance and cleaning necessary. The majority of them can be cleaned using cloth for removing loose debris, or you may have to dampen a cloth to completely wipe down the surface.

They come in lots of different materials, so you can customize them based on your preferences and budget. The wooden Venetian blinds come in different wood types, including bamboo. The plastic blinds also come in many different colors. When you choose a thicker blind, you’re going to have better light blocking ability.home window

Vertical blinds

These types of blinds are really popular when someone is looking to quickly cover their windows. They’re simple to use, based on the type of material that you are getting, and they’re an inexpensive way that you can keep privacy in your space. Each slat’s vertical, and a cord is used for closing and opening the blinds.

Just like the Venetian blinds, they come in various materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. This makes it easy to customize. The wooden ones can be made of various kinds of wood, such as bamboo, and the plastic blinds come in lots of colors. If you want more privacy, choose blinds that are thicker.

Roman Blinds/Shades

These types of blinds look similar to roller blinds while they’re down. However, when they’re open, they’ll hold together. The effect is very visually pleasing. These types of blinds are ideal when you’re looking for something multifunctional. Since they’re made from fabric, you can use them as curtains as well as blinds. With a lot of different styles and colors that you can select from, you’ll find that they’re very easy to find blinds to match your room’s décor. The choice of fabrics will affect the amount of light your blinds will let in. Fabrics that are thicker will dim more light.

Some of them are machine-washable. But before you put them into your washer, read their tags. A lot of times the directions say to only wash them in cold water in your gentle cycle. These types of blinds are affordable compared with other kinds of window treatments.

Room Darkening/Blackout Blinds

These are not really blinding at all; instead, they’re an option that’s available when it comes to many blind types. Blackout blinds are often made of fabric that’s heavier than other types. They also might have a backing that’s made for darkening a room. These blinds are great for areas such as bedrooms that might need lower amounts of light throughout the day. They also can be very effective at blocking light at nighttime, like lights from signs and street lamps.

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