Best Open Source Home Automation Software for Windows and Mac

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The home automation system is high in demand and as people today are having the tendency to modernize their lifestyle; home automation is becoming basic for every household. The use of the internet is rampant and today there is not a single home found, devoid of internet connection. With home automation, it is not only seamless to access smartphones but also operates and supervises different other functions like cooling, operating appliances, ventilation and many more. Now to monitor everything and more, homeowners require software and a handheld device to control everything from a place of convenience.

Similar to those high-end technical infrastructures of modern-day, home automation system is built and programmed to perform varying duties and its aim is to ensure security and comfortable living. Even though the whole endeavor is sounding so effortless and easy, but while hunting for the system there are varying things that one requires to bear in mind. Home automation software should be sought such which is having a strong compatibility feature, capable of rendering grade-A technical support and ensure the right functionality. Today the possibilities of home automation control are unlimited but picking up the right one for the right purpose is what held perplexing.


A well-rooted software is a key to a home automation system, so software which is having the capacity to be run on Windows PC, Linux and Mac should be looked for. The more compatible, the more extensive will be its application. Now before plunging into the array of alternatives, a brief checking of the features will be helpful. Home automation software usually allows users to completely customize their home automation projects and control it thereby. Having preferred background theme and graphics, projects can be designed from tablets and Smartphones without involving any technical pro to help.

Basic Features of Home Automation Software

This software comes equipped with drag, drop feature, and widely supports image transparency. Projects can now be organized either from home networks or the same from far-off places. For auto-scaling, android projects can be furnished and software is seen to be well suited in blending media, which includes image types like jpg and png and audio with wav and mp3. An all-inclusive automation software should have the capacity to support RSS data feeds for sports, weather and varying other information. Home automation software should be compatible enough in operating free Android and Apple apps, able to accommodate unlimited triggers and actions and conditions, having competence for voice control and programming and personalizing the status icon. Now software having all such features is not tough to find but as mentioned above alternatives are immense in number and it is making picking up the right software for right purpose daunting.

Now a few popular, preferred automation software is discussed below, they are primarily web automation software, have already earned a name in the market for providing reliable home automation solution.

Open source/freeware home automation: Now this project by open source is designed to reach the larger extent of the population. Undeniably, there are hundreds and millions of home-automation software accessible in the market some are faulty and consistent ones are expensive. This puts average homeowners into a dilemma regarding the set up of a professional home automation system. Besides the software is not infinite in an application. Nearly all users are compelled to depend upon the hardware that is backed by the company software, which has the power and authority to determine what will be the architecture of the new interface, as there is no opening for free expandability. Now here comes Open source home automation as a savior, prevailing upon those drawbacks which no other home automation company has considered as major.

While referring to expense, OSA is absolutely free and any internet user can download it and have it running without spending a dime. With its open extendability surface, now anyone can exploit the open-source API to create new plug-ins, thereby boost the functionality of the system. Equipped with community-oriented vision and unqualified openness new plug-ins can be developed which will definitely push the limits to a different level. OSA is also proficiently bridging the gaps between popular home automation technologies. With easy to understand API, Plug-in Architecture and open-source Plug-in models, OSA is fast becoming favorite with homeowners.

Apple’s HomeKit automation technology – Much talked about, much-awaited home kit automation designed by Apple has been also chosen in large. Like all other renowned designers, Apple also tried the hand in designing home automation software to manage home automation productively and of course consistently. Backed by this software you can now manage all your appliances monitor door locking and that is to access from iPad and iPhone. All the home automation software prevalent in market are having their own apps and own network protocol to make use of, but Apple is different from them all, While quoting Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering “Apple is offering a way to make it easier for these app developers to integrate their apps’ functionality with iOS devices. The integration will also allow app developers to use the Siri personal assistant software so these devices can be adjusted simply by speaking a command.” Now that’s brilliant, with a single command all the devices will be put in action, paving way for smart controlling. Dimming the light is easier using this home kit and confirming door locking has never been so easier. IOS enabled new features are yet to come and integration of all these features will relatively help homeowners live in a smarter, safer world.

Windows 7 software home automation – Here the automation system is not different but like all its contemporaries this particular software is seen to be including programs that benefit from core system processes or macros key in completing tasks or chores. Therefore, this is one Task Automation Software, which is programmed to render tasks of varying nature. This software is smartly WIFI enabled and convenient in use. Supporting limitless IR appliances, this software is having no quantity limit. Having the capacity to be operated by Smartphone this home automation software can save time and turn on appliances and before even reaching home. To enjoy all and many more one has to make sure that the Wi-Fi name and code go matching in accordance with the window prompt. The smart APP remote control page will show the existing control and controlled devices and by accessing, the working page users can now seamlessly edit the device details by making a necessary addition, alteration and deletion. Even when the user is abroad, the automation still works productively, without the glitch, helping the owner save a huge amount of money and effort.

Few well-known home-automation service providers:

Now before the arrival of Apple or any other user-friendly inexpensive home automation solution, there were few solutions preferred a lot in terms of automating the standard of life. They are competing today, to keep up their reputation.

Iris home automation: Well known, user-friendly, glitch-free automaton solution for home, the software was mainly dedicated to rendering information regarding the efficacy of security and climate along with controlling light.

Vivint home automation: Unlike its contemporaries, Vivint attempts to give something extra; with their solar energy package this system is reducing power consumption quite shockingly. Outfitted with its well-designed security system, this software solution is providing an app to control light and manage few appliances smoothly.

JDS home automation: If you are looking for something high-end, something which will allow you to address your home automation as a pro among all systems, JDS is what suited to the need. Enabling the user to outline graphical interfaces in the shorter time possible, JDS helps the user to design pictorial graphics of a room and then designing hot spot for touch control. This software can be operated from an Android device as easily as it is from the iPhone.

Smart Things home automation: This automation software claims to have features that much other lack pretty much evidently. To name some, notifying the user if abruptly the window or door is thrashed or if the car key is moved from its settled position. The solution works without a glitch and renders more than what it takes.

HomeSeer home automation: Homeowners are quite familiar with this name as this home automation software is appreciated for their multitasking capability. Whether it is about controlling the intensity of light, garage doors or climate this home solution is best in rendering work. The software offers an app for monitoring security and the net-cam enables the user to save energy optimum. A well routed, all-inclusive software that has never disappointed its user. It’s easy to use surface is one of the reasons why people still think that HomeSeer is the best in the market.

mControl home automation: Undoubtedly this system is powerful and versatile. The software is offering an app for data logging so that keeping home status never be an issue on the user’s end. It’s easy to use the software is what making it highly demanding and the smooth compatibility between the hardware and software is what helps users move expediently.

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