Improve Website User Experience

7 Best Practices to Improve Your Website User Experience

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Improve Website User Experience

Once upon a time, people only purchase and hire a service on reference or by visiting the physical store. But in the modern world, first consumers and users search for products and services online before purchasing a thing or hiring a service. This technology really helps to contact consumers with businesses directly. They can view and review that particular business before making the final decision.

Mostly all medium and large size businesses have their own brands and company websites that provide information about the latest updates and happenings in a particular business. That’s why there is huge competition in the online world. Brands are following the latest digital marketing strategies and surveying to know user experience about the online store or website.

Only those websites get business leads and good rankings in the search engines which are built according to the website development guidelines. When many users come to the website and engage with it that means more leads, more business, and more money.

Ways to Improve the Website’s User Experience

User experience has also become the search engine ranking factor. So the following tips may help you.

Color Combination

It is human nature that colorful and beautiful things attract them more. The same things implement in the website design. No one will like a boring and dull website design. So choose website color combination-wise and according to your business niches such as dark blue and white, pastel pink and dark blue, sky blue, black and white, yellow and red, and turquoise and coral. 

Images and Banners

It is another important thing to enhance user experience. An image or banner can help to understand the user about your service and product instantly. Our mind can take a few seconds to read the text but it catches the photo in microseconds. So put quality and relevant images on the web pages to enhance their beauty and engage the user.

Add Main Things Up

Yes, you should snow the main things or matter in the first fold of your webpage so the user can feel instantly “yes, you are in the right place.” Keep your main services, newly launched products, offers, discounts, and website’s main goal on the first screen. So when the user opens your webpage, he/she can see and read it clearly. Take Neil Patel, Walmart, SATZ Design, and Mubasicas as examples.


Those websites get more traffic and ranking which are relevant to one topic. Suppose if you create a website about beauty or weddings, just add relevant stuff about beauty and skin care and wedding and relationship. You must attach all web pages to the home page under the relevant categories so users can navigate easily.

Update Regularly

Many small size businesses forget to update their website after building it. You should update your website home page banners and newsletter regularly. You can also add a blog section where you can post the latest updates from your business. It will help to keep engaging the website user and social media followers.

Display Real World

I see many website builders use graphic design and photoshop edited images on their websites which is not a good idea from the user’s point of view. Because these types of images don’t look genuine and trustworthy. The users could not know who’s is this business and how they work. So try to publish your own business images such as employees working in the office, company owner photos on the about us page, your work results on the portfolio or review page, and more. You can also embed real videos such as office tours, working, product making, etc.

Website Speed

People have become very fast in the modern era. They want everything happens rapidly and quickly. They can’t wait more time for little things. The website speed also should be as fast as the user clicks on a link. A webpage speed directly influences your user experience, search engine rankings, conversion rates, and repeat business.

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