Candles, Lamps, Or Lights – Which Is More Eco Friendly?

Candles, Lamps Or Lights Eco Friendly

In the 21 century, we see robust demand for the preservation of climate. Phenomenon’s like climate change and global warming are changing into harsh realities. In this fast-paced life, we often forget to decide what could be the best for the climate. It’s a proud moment that you clicked on this article and learned about eco-friendly lighting solutions.

So in this article, we will be talking about Candles, Lamps, or Lights – Which Are More Eco Friendly. Keep reading to learn more.

Comparison of Candles, lamps and lights

Let’s first talk about candles. Candles are the traditional light source of the world. Earlier, candle wax was obtained from fish, animal fat, and whale fat as well. But this was a long time back and was also very costly. As the Industrial Revolution gained its pace, the Americans started the large-scale production of candles. However, they didn’t realize that it is very hazardous. The candles are composed of petroleum wax, chemical fragrances, and colors that release harmful substances into the atmosphere. The melted wax is then shaped again with the help of a wax melter, and the cycle continues. It also leads to hazards like Kidney damage, Nervous breakdown, Cancer, and more.

However, some oil-based candles are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional candles like Stearin wax composed of palm oil, Soy Candles made from Soy oil, and Beeswax candles were in fashion for a long time. Still, they couldn’t gain pace in the market because of its high cost and low availability.

Suppose we talk about the other light sources, Lamps and Lights. Seeing the growing demand for climate preservation and eco-friendly living, the industries introduced the LED lights, which are more durable and eco-friendly than traditional bulbs. These lights are renewable as well, which means if it gets damaged or surpasses its lifetime, one can help preserve the environment by renewing the light. Apart from these, there are a few more advantages of LED lights over candle light.

1. Design Flexible

The LEDs are pretty small in size as compared to the traditional bulbs. Hence it can fit whichever appliance you want, that too without much effort. You can do it in Lamps, Wall hangings, side tables, etc.

2. Energy efficient

As per research, LED lights can reduce energy consumption by 80-70 percent than traditional bulbs. That too, without compromising the brightness of the area.

3. Colour Options

LED lights offer many colors to choose amount thousands of options. Also, the latest trend in technology enabled a single LED light to change colors and brightness as per your mood, all through your phone.

The traditional lamps and lights lose all these characteristics and prove a hazard by emitting carbon dioxide and heat, which can cause serious health complications.

Conclusion: So here was an article about Candles, Lamps, or Lights – Which Are More Eco Friendly. I hope it helped you to know the hazards and the healthy and eco-friendly alternatives

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