Causes of Husband Wife Conflict

Causes of Conflict Between Husband and Wife and Its Solution

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Causes of Husband Wife Conflict

Whether you arrange a marriage or a love marriage, no one can say there will not be a conflict between husband and wife. There are a lot of differences before and after marriage. When first the couple meets, they live in two separate places. Only love and fun are at that time. Family and other things are also not involved at that time.

But after marriage, things go changed. A lot of responsibilities and many other reasons become the cause of conflict between couples.

What main causes conflict between husband and wife?

Adjustment Problem

The situation gets changes when a new member comes into the family. Most girls have to leave their parental home after marriage. She has different thinking, habits, and behaviour. So sometimes she agrees with you and sometimes not. Some things can be adjustable but a few may not. The first year is very important in marriage life. Most divorce happens after a few months of the marriage. The divorce rate is increasing day by day either your marriage is new or has entered its golden jubilee year.

Family Interference

Husband and wife might be well-known with each other in the love marriage. But she does not know much about the in-law family. So when the mother-in-law or father-in-law restricts her actions and tries to dominate her, this way also becomes the husband-wife conflict cause.

Third-Person Involvement in the Relationship

He/She may have an ex-girlfriend and boyfriend or an extra-marital affair. Your wife or husband may be cheating on each other, without showing it to anyone. But both may have doubt due to their actions, behaviour, and hiding something. Extra-marital affairs are the main cause of most divorces in couples. So don’t cheat on your spouse if you want a life-long relationship.

When someone says “No”

When a husband or wife refuses to go somewhere outside for shopping, travel or do something. Sometimes a situation becomes like when the husband or wife cannot admit or fulfill the demand or choice. No is negative and also make a negative effect on your marriage life.

Money Issue

Couples actually are happier when they have more money. When he/she lost their job, get fails in business, lost money, or doesn’t have enough income, that time survival gets difficult. They cannot fulfill their house expenses. Life without money becomes very difficult and births daily problems.

Lack of Communication

When one person will not talk, told, and share the problems, how will a second person know what you want? Suppose you came from the office and felt thirsty. But you don’t speak that you need a glass of water. You are just getting angry in my own mind. So communication and sharing the solution to all problems.

Solution of Husband and Wife Conflict

  • Both investigate your issues and the cause of conflicts.
  • According to Arizona divorce get advice from a counselor or the best person in your life.
  • Give time to your spouse and make a balance between work and life.
  • When your fault, don’t argue with a partner person.
  • Be loyal and honest in your relationship.
  • Try to understand each other habits and dislikes.
  • Good communication with all family members

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