Parents Shared Physical Custody

Advice for Parents Considering Shared Physical Custody

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Parents Shared Physical Custody

If the parents of a kid living in Ohio are able to obtain joint physical custody, the child can continue to live with both of them after the parents’ divorce.

Joint physical custody means that a kid or children of divorced parents spend time with both biological parents according to a schedule approved by the court. In cases where both parents are awarded physical custody, it does not necessarily entail that each parent will spend an equal amount of time with the child.

Divorcing parents might pursue sole custody through the court system. In the case of sole physical custody, one parent would have primary caretaking responsibilities, while the other would be limited to visits. When parents do not get along or when one parent takes on the majority of the childcare duties, this solution can be beneficial. Anyone considering divorce who hopes to continue parenting responsibilities jointly with their ex should consider the following three questions.

  • How cooperative are the two sets of parents?
  • Are Mom and Dad in close proximity to one another?
  • When one parent filed a parenting plan with the court, did the other parent object?

When the answers to these questions are yes, the parenting plan can be filed to the court for consideration. Holiday, summer, and academic year arrangements, as well as healthcare and legal custody choices, should all be spelled out in a comprehensive parenting plan. The court will then make a determination as to whether or not the proposed parenting arrangement is in the children’s best interests. If so, the court can sanction the agreement. The parenting plan established by the court must be followed by both parents. They have the option to ask for changes to the plan if they find that it is no longer effective.

Divorcing parents may have a hard time seeing potential problems in a parenting plan they drafted themselves. That’s why lots of splitting-up pairs go to some sort of expert for advice. A competent attorney will know how to create a strategy that will benefit their client’s family for decades to come. An effective parenting strategy can ease anxiety during times of change. Because of this, it’s ideal for divorced parents to start making arrangements as soon as feasible.

It is advisable to consult with an experienced divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio if you need specific answers about your legal options.

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