Changing the Car Air Filter – Here’s How It Works

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The air filter is a typical car wear part and needs to be changed regularly. Of course, you can leave the installation to a specialized workshop, but it is not mandatory, because it is the work that can normally be carried out without difficulty even by non-professionals. Just follow our instructions and you can’t go wrong.

Why change the air filter?

The air filter is the so-called “lung” of the machine. The engine needs air to function properly. If air reaches the engine without the filter, dirt and dust particles can damage it. The air filter is used to clean the air. Over time, however, the small particles settle on the filter and prevent the passage of air. The mixture of air and fuel, therefore, becomes too “greasy”, worsening the performance of the engine. First of all, the acceleration is reduced. In addition, the air filter is on the mandatory technical checklist and can prevent you from obtaining the inspection sticker.

New air filter – which one to choose?

The measurements for your air filter are indicated in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Very often it is not necessary to check them, because many suppliers can find the right product by knowing the code of the keys. The following products are available:

  • The paper air filter is a cheaper option. It works as a coffee filter and is effective when Its price is moderate but the duration is quite short. After a mileage of 15,000 kilometers, it often needs to be changed. Especially those who do not travel often by car take advantage of the cheap price, but in other cases this filter can only be a temporary solution.
  • The most used and preferred by car manufacturers is the cotton or sponge It has an average price and a performance of up to 30,000 kilometers. If your car is still under warranty, you should definitely choose an air filter of this type, as they are often recommended by car manufacturers. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference in filter quality, so you don’t always have to choose a cheaper variant. There are also mixed versions, which have become more popular in recent years.
  • For those who use the machine a lot, the oil bath air filter is more suitable. It can be cleaned several times and then refilled with new oil. For this, it can be quite expensive. As for the materials, it is almost always made of foam It is said that a filter could ruin the flow meter on diesel cars, but it only happens when the product is faulty or if unprofessionally oiled.
  • The sports air filter is an exception. Traditionally it is screwed directly onto the air intake without the box, easily increasing the power and noise of the machine. For this reason, standards require its removal.

Step by step: replacing the air filter

To change your air filter you need these tools and the vehicle owner’s manual, a screwdriver, an open wrench, a double spanner, and a fork wrench, a rag, and a new filter or you can get air filter repair Services.

  • Step 1: Open the hood (don’t forget to fasten it!) And locate the air filter box. There is usually an “Air Filter” or a special symbol. If you can’t find it, consult the user manual, where it also indicates how to open the
  • Step 2: If you have a diesel car, disconnect the air mass sensor, which is directly connected to the air filter
  • Step 3: Remove the suction hose as indicated by your model. Press the strap with an open spanner against the spring and move it back a few
  • Step 4: Open the air filter box. It is usually protected by two or four clamps, which can be removed with a Below you can find the other screws or bolts. In this case, they must be removed with a screwdriver or a fork wrench.
  • Step 5: Remove the old air It can be thrown in the normal trash. If the air filter case is dirty, it is best to clean it with a rag. Insert the new air filter. You can’t go wrong. It should be put in one sense only.
  • Step 6: First you have to fix the screws and bolts. Then you can again protect the box with the
  • Step 7: Insert the suction hose into the opening, position the open key and move the clamp forward for a few millimeters. Check with your hand if the clamp has been fixed
  • Step 8: Owners of diesel vehicles must now reattach the air mass sensor to the
  • Step 9: Get into the car with the hood open and start the engine. Accelerate a couple of times and pay attention to the sound. Get out of the vehicle and check if the engine is idling. If everything is fine, the filter has been changed You can close the hood.

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