Why Should You Buy Fulvic Acid for Your Lawn

Fulvic Acid for Your Lawn

Just like humans and animals require essential nutrients for growth, plants and crops need their share of nutrition to grow and thrive, germinate, fight off diseases and reproduce. Plants have the unique ability to absorb nutrition and water from the root system and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, soil quality and climate are major determinants of plant growth.

Therefore, soil enhancement is a common and essential practice in agriculture that creates a favorable environment for the crops to flourish. These bio-stimulants improve soil structure and enhance plant growth.

Fulvic acid is one such additive that works wonders both for the soil and the plant roots. It is a naturally occurring substance that is formed by chemicals when plants and animals decompose. This additive is a humic substance found in soils of streams and lakes in dense forests.

If you are interested in gardening and have not considered using fertilizers so far on your lawns, here are some compelling reasons for you to do so now. Look at the options of fulvic acid at Plant Doctor and similar websites to get the best variety. After all, who doesn’t want sprawling green lawns to boast!

Improves Soil Structure

Fulvic acid promotes aeration and provides for better water movement, which in turn minimizes drought effects. It removes toxins and other pollutants and promotes the growth of microorganisms, thereby improving the soil’s pH balance.

Fertilizer Absorption

Addition of Fulvic acid mixed with fertilizer results in the better dissolution of fertilizer components, thereby increasing the plant’s capacity to improve nutrient absorption.

Increases Crop Yields

Fulvic acid promotes crop yield and growth by enhancing cell division and elongation, thereby improving the health of the roots. Fulvic acid improves oxygen and nutritional uptake throughout the plant, besides chlorophyll production, and permeability of plant membranes.

Drought and Heat Tolerance

Adding Fulvic acid to the soil improves moisture storage, thereby resulting in improved drought and heat tolerance.


A unique property of Fulvic acid is its ability to interact with sunlight which increases photosynthesis and stomata opening. This is particularly helpful during prolonged cloudy periods. Also, Fulvic acid can absorb a part of the harmful UV radiation.

How to Use Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid can be used in combination with other materials like fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. for increased absorption and improved nutritional uptake. It is suitable to use any time of the year on all plants, fruits, and vegetables, including turf, lawns, golf greens, home gardens, sandy and clay soil, and pot plants. Application methods include spray, foliar mix, or through a watering can dilute with water.

Fulvic acid, no doubt, is a powerful nutrient and a valuable substance that does not just promote plant health by improving the roots but also creates healthy, well-balanced soil for plants to thrive. The acid renders multiple benefits to plants and trees, including better health, better growth, fight off problems, and bear more fruit.

Fulvic acid is widely available with suppliers of plant-based, agricultural products. For the best quality, though, you can buy Fulvic acid at Plant Doctor and other online stores.

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