Top 5 Safest Luxury Cars

Buying a luxury car is an exciting time and while there may be many reasons for choosing a particular make or model, safety considerations should be up there alongside engine size and performance figures.

Luxury cars can be among the safest thanks to all the advanced and innovative safety technology which often comes as standard with a premium brand, however, it’s worth doing a serious comparison to make sure you are buying the safest ride possible.

Crash tests, safety experiments and all of the included gadgets should be taken into consideration before you part with a penny on your luxury car of choice. Carry out some research to find out how your desired model fared in recent tests and compare with other similar cars before deciding.

Braking systems, accident prevention systems and lane changing alarms are just some of the key safety features which are often incorporated into luxury cars so make sure your choice comes with all of the bells and whistles possible when it comes to safety. These cars aren’t designed for dirt racing, but thanks to their safety features you’d probably be okay doing dirt racing in them.

Darren from Big Motoring World said, “Although most luxury cars are fitted with safety technology, there are still some key differences in the occupant protection levels and how well they do at preventing collisions from occurring in the first place”.

This list of top five cars was compiled using crash test results as well as assessments of headlight performance and auto braking systems, among other safety features. All of the cars included featured Good in the crash tests and had five-star ratings.

They all also have superior graded auto braking systems and performed well in the headlight tests, which is why they are all included in our top five list today:

1. The Audi A3Audi-A3-car

The Audi A3 has reached our top five list because it comes with a standard fitted auto-braking system to help prevent low-speed collisions, as well as a warning system for forward facing collisions.

It also comes with an option to buy a high-speed version of the braking system along with a wide range of technological features for accident avoidance and prevention, providing great safety choice for drivers.

It is, however, a lighter luxury car which needs to be taken into account if it were to be in collision with a heavier truck, for example. Despite this it did secure impressive results in all of the recorded safety tests, securing its place on our list.

2. The Audi A4Audi-A4-car

The A4 is the larger brother to the Audi A3 and this Sedan version secured top marks in all of its crash tests and safety tests, making it number two in our list of five.

The Audi A4 also comes with an auto-braking system for low speed as standard, along with an automatically installed warning system if a collision was imminent.

For even more safety conscious Audi drivers, this model comes with the option to add on four other advanced technology safety systems as well as a high-speed auto-braking system choice.

The high scores and optional safety add-ons helped to secure the Audi A4’s place in our top five safest luxury cars list.

3. The Lexus ES 350Lexus-ES-350-Car

The Lexus is a very popular luxury sedan and is often seen as the sensible choice when it comes to luxury cars, thanks to its high scores in all of the safety tests.

The Lexus not only secured top marks in all of its crash tests it also comes with a high performing warning system and auto braking system as standard.

There is also a built-in warning system for lane departure and a function for keeping your car within the right lane, all as standard with this model.

In addition, for extra safety conscious Lexus fans, there are options to purchase a warning system for blind sports and an alert system for rear traffic to add even more impressive safety features to this impressive car.

4. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes E-Class is incredibly popular thanks to its classy styling and impressive performance but it also comes with an equally awesome safety track record.

This sedan scored top marks in all of its crash tests and is fitted with an auto braking system as well as a collision warning alarm as standard.

There are also options for purchasing other accident warning and prevention systems from the high tech German car manufacturer.

5. The Volvo V60 SedanVolvo-V60-Sedan-car

This Volvo helps to solidify the brand’s current reputation for safety after securing top marks in all of its crash tests thanks to its wide range of safety features.

This model includes superior auto-braking and a City safety system to help prevent collisions with pedestrians, cyclists and other cars.

If you are looking for a luxury car with a high safety rating check out our top five and remember, there are many other models which also secured good ratings so do your research before you buy.

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