Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

Check These Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

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Natural Remedies For Hair GrowthThe magic bullet formula for hair growth does not exist. There is no cream or lotion that you can rub on your head to grow hair. Yet there are quite a few things that you can do to help your hair grow. These steps can help some people grow hair, but they may not help everybody.

The reason that there is no magic bullet for hair growth or restoration is obvious: everybody is different. Some people are simply doomed by genetics to have less hair than others. There are those who will not be able to do anything to grow more hair and there are others who can restore lost follicles.

That being said, hair loss can be caused by a lot of factors including infections, fungal infections, pollution, poor nutrition, bad health, stress, and many health problems. Quite a few people lose hair because of nutritional deficiencies and other problems. Some of these problems can be corrected by changing your diet, taking supplements, living a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Unfortunately, these steps will not work for everybody. If your hair loss is genetic (inherited from mom and dad) then you will probably have to learn to live with it. If it is not genetic, there is a good chance that it can be stopped or even reversed. Even if the hair loss is genetic, there is a possibility that you could slow it through good nutrition and other steps.

The best way to tell if your hair loss is genetic is to dig out your family album. If your parents and grandparents suffered hair loss, there is a good chance that it runs in your family. This does not mean that you are doomed to hair loss; it simply means that it could be more likely in your family. There is still every possibility that you might be able to arrest it through lifestyle changes.

Supplements and other Natural Products

Okay, even though there’s no magic bullet for hair growth there are some hair growth products like Folexin that can enhance it. These will work best when combined with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. Some of the best products involve essential oils that contain minerals and vitamins that your scalp needs but lacks.

Essential oils can work well because they take the vitamins right to the scalp. This helps restore the skin there and enhance the circulation of blood which can lead to enhanced hair growth. Some of these extracts can be purchased online. Another idea is to apply natural fungus killers because fungus can cause hair loss and other skin problems.

Tea tree oil and oil of oregano are two natural fungus killers that you can order online. Be careful with these because they are extremely powerful. Mixing tea tree oil or oil of oregano with olive oil or castor oil can create a formula that you can rub on your hair.

If you do use oil, make sure you use virgin olive oil or coconut oil. These are purer and better for you. The secret to using oils is to massage them into your scalp about once a day and to leave them there. Do this a few hours before you shower or wash your hair in order to get the maximum effects. Simply using a shampoo that contains these products is probably not enough. Shampoo simply does not stay in your hair long enough to have the maximum effect.

Vitamins For Hair Growth

Vitamins surely are capable of providing beneficial means for hair growth yet not all vitamins are required or needed in hair growth. Choosing the beneficial vitamins for hair growth at times can be puzzling for hair growth involves a lot of things which includes a lot of needs. In order to benefit from vitamins for the purpose of hair growth, it is ideal to learn about the necessary vitamins needed in hair development and growth.

Avoid using chemical products

There are some things that we do to our hair that damage it and prevent it from growing. These include many of the things that people, especially women but some men do to their hair in the name of beauty or making it look good.

At the tip of this iceberg are all the chemicals that people put on their scalps. Some of this damages the hair and the scalp and deprives them of the nutrients they need. Others actually foster the growth of fungus and other infections.

You should also limit the visits to the salon and you should definitely try to limit the use of the hairdryer. This can really damage your hair as can many permanents. Any product that straightens the hair can kill or damage it so be very careful. Something else to remember is that it is often little or no difference between the hair care products that they try to sell you at the salon and those you buy at the store.

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