5 Different Ways to Celebrate Labour Day

Celebrate Labour Day

Labour Day is a rather underrated holiday that many probably take for granted.

For many, it is admittedly appreciated because it creates a long weekend by having Monday off. Yet, many forget that without it, we wouldn’t have the labour rights we have today.

Labour Day is a testament to those advocates that worked hard to earn those rights and is meant to celebrate the achievements of all workers. After all, workers are what keeps the economy going. So, it is only natural to celebrate it.

But, how do you celebrate a holiday like Labour Day?

Check out five ways you can celebrate here!

Host a Get-Together

Any adult today can tell you that work makes it hard to coordinate plans with friends and family. Thankfully, because of Labour Day, you can take advantage of the long weekend and socialise with everyone. If you want to have the time to spend time with plenty of friends and family, consider hosting some form of get-together. Are you into barbequing and having a few cold ones with those closest to you? Then consider hosting a BBQ!

It’s perfect for celebrating as many would want to enjoy one last BBQ once the summer ends. If that’s not your style and you prefer a more intimate gathering, think about having a picnic instead. Some workplaces have shown their appreciation on Labour Day to their employees by sending out gift baskets to them. If you’re one of those employees recognized, use what they have in them to use in your picnic. It will make it easier to compile everything in that way.

Check Out Public Celebrations

In some places, notably the United States, there are usually planned public celebrations for Labour Day. The most popular event is the parade that day. If you have children, going out to the parade would be perfect. They will love the colourful spectacle of it all and the exciting energy that it brings. A parade is usually an all-around good time with much to see and receive (like candy!) from people in the parade.

These parades typically lead to a location where everyone can celebrate further. Notably, there is an area full of various food trucks, eclectic vendors to shop from, and even kid-friendly activities included (e.g. bouncy castles). It leaves much for you to do. Though, once the day is over, there is nothing like relaxing from the festivities by watching fireworks. Fireworks truly emphasise the celebratory aspect of Labour Day, which makes it all the more enjoyable to watch the colour of the night sky.

Plan a Small Trip

As mentioned before, what makes Labour Day great for most people is how it turns a regular weekend into a long one. Many take this opportunity to go on a short trip to make the most of their long weekend. For instance, have you been wanting to camp all summer but never got the chance? You can give summer a last hurrah by making it happen during the Labour Day weekend! Time away in nature might be just what you need to relax properly and recenter yourself before starting the short work week afterward.

You can still coordinate a short trip if you’re not into roughing it in the woods. Instead, others have used this time to travel to neighbouring bigger cities. Typically, larger cities will have more events, so you can probably celebrate by finding one you would enjoy. Plus, you can simply enjoy the city’s highlights- whether from shopping, checking out landmarks, or other touristy activities. You can at least come back to your workplace with a satisfying answer to co-workers that ask what you did during the long weekend.

Treat Yourself to Some Shopping

There is nothing like treating yourself after working so hard. So, why not celebrate all your hard work by going on a little shopping spree? After all, you have earned it! Shopping on Labour Day is great since plenty of sales and promotions are happening during that time.

You can finally score big on necessities in bulk with various discounts available. Or, if you’re feeling more indulgent, you can finally spend your hard-earned money on that special luxury item you have been thinking about for months. This way, you can feel less guilty about shopping for whatever during the long weekend with so many sales.

Furthermore, these Labour Day sales aren’t regulated to just in-person stores. You can certainly find plenty of discounts online during this time too. Plus, Labour Day sales aren’t just one day – they’re usually the weekend of it. In this case, it gives you plenty of time to shop and get the best deals.

Just Enjoy a Day for You

Lastly, the best way to celebrate Labour Day is to do so on your terms. You know yourself better than anyone about what will make you happiest when you’re not working. In which case, why not spend it doing what you haven’t been able to because of work? For some, it might mean finally catching up on home improvement projects to getting around to much-needed errands.

Alternatively, others might want to simply use the extra time off to relax and practice self-care. Self-care is not just making time to soak in the tub, an activity usually associated with it. It might mean having time to do your hobbies. That could mean finally getting around to that book you’ve meant to read. Or, it could be to get the chance to make a trip to the gym again. Whatever it is, you can celebrate Labour Day in a way that speaks to what you love beyond just work.

Without labour advocates fighting for workers’ rights, we wouldn’t have the long weekend we have today to enjoy. You owe it to them to celebrate and make the most of it!

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