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Choosing the Best Flower Window Boxes and Planters

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Once the cold winter months pass and the weather turns warm, you’ll want to think about giving the exterior of your home a makeover. Flower window boxes and planters are smart choices for economical curb appeal. The key to success is choosing premium products. Here are some traits the best window boxes and planters share.Flower Window Boxes Planter

PVC Construction

Wood is simply less economical and more taxing to maintain. PVC window flower boxes that are made of Versatex are a much better option. They are lighter yet maintain a high level of durability.

The interior of PVC window boxes is reinforced with individual sections. You get all the strength and Durability of wood without the added bulk. As we will see, PVC also offers some other important advantages.

Resistance to Rot and Pests

Wooden flower boxes are a haven for all sorts of trouble. They can easily be infested with pests, and rot is always a threat. Wood also tends to warp and crack in extreme hot or cold.

PVC flower window boxes and planters are 100% resistant to rot and moisture build-up. This helps eliminate problems like mold and pests that can ultimately create more problems for your home. Most of these boxes even come with a lifetime guarantee.

Easy Installation

PVC flower window boxes and planters make for a project that can be completed in a single afternoon with just a few basic tools. There is no need to wrestle with heavy wooden boxes that never seem to attach properly.

Hardware is included with many models. If required, the fasteners that you’ll need are affordable and easy to use. There is a pretty good feeling that comes with doing your own work around the house. The feeling is even better when the project you’ve accomplished looks great.

Custom Sizes to Suit Your Home

No two homes are alike. PVC boxes can be pre-manufactured in any length you need up to 16′. That means you won’t need additional tools to make cuts before you install your boxes. Just measure and request the size you need.

Your boxes and planters will arrive fully assembled and ready to install. This saves a large amount of time, and it also makes the project more fun. Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with an assembly that never seems to square up.

A Beautiful Finish

Let’s be honest. Flower window boxes and planters are about aesthetics. Looks are important. The classic look of wood is hard to beat, but PVC offers options that replicate the look and texture of real wood.

What’s even better is that PVC boxes can be painted in any color you choose. You won’t need to repaint them every couple of seasons, either. You don’t have to sacrifice modern convenience for vintage appeal. Use PVC window boxes and get the best of both worlds.

Styles in Abundance

Generic flower window boxes and planters just won’t cut it for the modern homeowner. What you really want is the creative freedom to express your distinct personality. PVC options let you do that.

Some of the styles you can choose are:

  • Traditional Window Boxes
  • Manhattan Deluxe Planters
  • Rail Top Planters
  • Boston Window Boxes
  • York Window Boxes

The freedom that you get with so many style choices lets you define the precise look that you’re shooting for.

Self-Watering for Less Maintenance

Taking care of plants can be taxing on a modern family. A self-watering PVC option is perfect for the homeowner with a lot of irons in the fire. These boxes use technological advancements that let you water four times less.

If you go on a vacation there is no need to enlist a neighbor to water. If you forget to water for a few days, you’re covered. Nothing could be easier, and your plants will look great all season long.

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