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Convert-PDF-with-PDFBearEvery individual follows some ways of managing their documents and paper works. One of the best ways to keep your documents look professional and presentable all the time is by saving them as PDF. It’s a universal file where documents and other types of files are converted to a readable image-finish. Through this, it will be easier for a user to read and view the document.

Unfortunately, there are times when a specific file format is needed on other platforms. So, what will you do if you no longer have a copy of the raw file? What if you have a Word doc and PDF file, but it needs an image file type? It’s easy. All you need to do is to use PDFBear to convert your PDF to other formats.

Convert PDF to other formats

Regardless if you need an image, word, slideshow, or spreadsheet format, PDFBear can do the job for you. By using this online PDF platform, you can convert any PDF file to other file formats in as fast as four easy steps. Here are some of the file formats that you can use:

Upload images easily

You can easily convert PDF to JPG free of charge using PDFBear. With this tool, you can extract a PDF file and save it as an image. Aside from JPG, you can convert your documents to a PNG file format. It’s also an image file type that is required for some platforms. It follows the same process as converting it to JPG.

Since you are converting from a document to an image file, you may be worried about its quality and how it will look like. Don’t worry about it, because PDFBear makes sure that it will retain the same quality as the original image. You can generate a high-resolution image file using this platform and get an image of great quality.

Personalize word documents

If you need to have a word document copy of an existing PDF file, you can swiftly convert it to using PDFBear. It works best if you need to share or update long-form content such as contracts, research papers, and other documents. While you can also edit a PDF file, MS Word will give you more preferences and settings to personalize the content.

Utilize spreadsheets tools and features

Data consolidation is one of the most important types of documents in the office. Most likely, it contains a lot of sensitive and private information such as identification details, financial reports, and a summary of income. So, if you have a PDF of these documents, you might want to use a spreadsheet to edit it.

Through PDFBear, you can convert PDF to a spreadsheet easily. It will allow you to make a copy of the contents that you can extract using MS Excel. This way, you can use some of the useful features of Excel, such as formulas, data validation, and pivot tables.

Make your presentations more engaging

Is your presentation saved as PDF, but you want it to look more engaging? Convert your PDF to a Powerpoint presentation using PDFBear. While PDFs are a great backup file for presentation, you will not be able to use animations and slide transitions. It will only be viewed or browsed like a regular document. To make sure that your audience will be captivated by your presentation, consider using a PPT file.

Create an ISO-standardized PDF file

Would you like to use a PDF file that meets all the ISO standards? If you are working in a company that only uses software and file formats that are standardized by ISO, you can use PDFBear to make a PDF/A copy. PDF/A is designed for long-term archiving, such as font linking and encryption, which is not possible with a normal PDF file.

What else can you do with PDFBear?

Aside from the basic function of converting files to and from PDF, this online platform also has other features and tools that you can use. Here are some of them.

  1. Edit – with PDFBear, you don’t need to convert your files for minimal content editing. You can use the Edit tool of this site to update your documents. Moreover, you can also use it for a more comprehensive function, such as combining PDF documents, extracting some pages of a PDF file, or deleting some pages on your PDF document.
  2. Optimize – if your PDF file is corrupted or damaged, you can use PDFBear to repair the file. In that way, you can start accessing it. Furthermore, PDFBear also allows you to compress your PDF with smaller file size.
  3. Secure – Through PDFBear, you can add and remove passwords on your PDF file. Through this, you can be sure that your documents are secured and can only be accessed by an authorized user.PDFBear is an all-in-one tool for all your PDF maintenance needs.

PDFBear: A reliable and convenient online PDF tool

All of these processes are done online. PDFBear will not require you to download or install anything on your computer. By accessing this website, you can perform various PDF maintenance and modifying features. Additionally, it’s guaranteed fast and secure. In only about 2 minutes, you can finish managing your PDF files. They are also religiously abiding by their Privacy Policy that all files uploaded on their site will be deleted after an hour. And, most importantly, it is compatible across all devices and operating systems.

Choose PDFBear for all your PDF maintenance needs. Visit their website to know more.

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