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Creating a “Home From Home” in Student Dorm

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Moving away from home to commence college life, can be an extremely exciting, yet daunting time.

The first few weeks are action packed, meeting a variety of people, attending different lectures, signing up for new teams and experiencing alien things.

creating home student dorm

Even mundane tasks like purchasing your own groceries and preparing your own meals can be a new exciting step! (The novelty soon wears off!)

As the dust begins to settle, and the excitement diminishes, routine, regime anddeadlines set in, home sickness can start rear its ugly head.

A great way to stave this off though, is to create a warm, welcoming sanctuary, or a “home from home”.

Here are a few suggestions to help create this:

Bedding and blankets:

It’s always a wonderful feeling sleeping in your own bed, but it may not be possible to transport your own from home, to your dorm. Instead, taking along a favorite bedding set, blankets and pillows will straight away make the place feel more like home, especially if it’s washed in the same washing powder! (The smell won’t last, so it’s worth stealing a box of detergent from home, to keep that homely aroma! (It’s a good reminder to wash the bedding too, if you aren’t used to that responsibility).

Room scents

If your home is filled with candles, air fresheners or wax warmers that give off a particular scent, try to replicate this in your dorm. It may sound ridiculous but our sense of smell really triggers memories. Having a warm scent to welcome you after hard day in class can be just the comfort needed to ward off cravings for home. (Obviously don’t leave the candles lit to greet you as you arrive!)Dorm walls photograph


Dorm walls can often be bland, a great way to get creative is by splashing photographs around the place. Choose a mixture of photos. Funny ones, that will make you smile on tough days, special interest photos, these can act a great talking point when you are meeting new people and of course family, pets and photos of home.


One of the easiest ways to add warmth to a room is lighting. Fairy lights strung around the room, or an led neon wall sign are perfect. These take up little space, look stunning and are actually easier on the energy usage. They also provide the perfect ambience for any occasion. They look great for party nights, but are equally as effective when you just need some quiet time to brilliant

Home comforts

It doesn’t matter how old you get, there are always trinkets from home that you just can’t live without (Whether you like to admit it or not).  A cuddly toy from childhood, an ornament from someone special or an inspiring wall poster.  Fill your space with things that add a familiarity, and home won’t seem so far away.


Not specifically related to your room decor, but one of the biggest things to miss, is a home cooked meal. Especially if there is a firm family favorite that you turn to when the chips are down. Nanna’s famous lasagna, or Mum’s apple pie, whatever your go to “hug in a dish” is, if possible get a portion that you can freeze,  and in case of an emotional emergency, you have something on hand to ease the suffering!

As time passes, your new home will feel just that. HOME.

Yearnings to return to the family abode will pass and the need to contact parents, siblings etc. continuously will dwindle, you’ll actually need reminders to touch base with them!!

Your friends at college will soon become family, your dorm will become a hive of activity, new networks will be formed and your independence and confidence will soar.

Home will always be where the heart is, but for now, let the adventures begin!

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