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7 Simple Ways to Design a Functional Family Room

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Have you moved to a new home and looking for ideas on how to set-up your family room? Alternatively, are you in the process of improving the family room of your current house? If you are, this article will explain to you a few simple ways in which you can create the ideal family space for you and your family.Family Room Design

Buy Functional Sofa

You will find multiple types of sofa as you work to create your family home. This is partly because of the many furniture stores located in our neighborhoods. There are also many online stores that enable you to buy the furniture and deliver to your home. However, the reality is that many expensive sofas are not all that comfortable. For this reason, we prefer that you go for quality and sofa sets. If you buy the set online, insist on one with a good return policy. This will ensure that you return it easily if you don’t like it.

Find a Good Area RugChoosing Right Rug Size

A good focal area rug is a must for your family home design. This is true even when you have a carpet or a hardwood floor. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a good area rug. First, consider the color. Ideally, the color should match the design you want for your family room. Second, consider the size. On this, you should select a area rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall of the room.

Let There Be Light

When possible, do the best that you can to bring more light in. If you are building the house from scratch, you can insist on having big windows that will bring more natural light. If the house you are moving into has small windows, we recommend that you incorporate a mirror direct from the existing window. The curtains that you use are also important. Ensure that they match the entire design of the family room. If you are designing a bright family room, you can incorporate dark curtains.Reasons to Switch to LED Lights

The type of lighting that you use for your family room will also be essential. There are three types of lighting that are recommended for these rooms. These are ambient, task, and accent. Ambient light will provide the room with the overall illumination while the task light is dedicated for certain work zones. Accent lights highlight specific objects. For your room, you can use a pot light that provides most of the light and a transitional lighting that emphasizes on the sitting area. Other lighting tips for a family room are: multiple fixtures, using smart light bulbs, and using an arc light.

Family Room Wallpaper

A wallpaper is essential for determining the overall look if your family room. There are two main things you should consider when installing a wallpaper. First, ensure that it matches the theme of your room. Second, ensure that it is made of a simple design. A common mistake we see is when people look for complex designs with so many colors and artworks. Simple will always win. Further, ensure that the wallpaper is just in one side of the wall. If possible, you can match the design of the wallpaper with that of the room’s fabrics.

Incorporate Artwork

A family room is not enough without quality artwork. The artwork will help complement your taste and improve your family room. First, you should not go for the priciest artwork. Instead, you should look at whether the artwork matches the theme of your room. Second, have a minimalistic approach. For a typical room, two pieces of art, complemented with a canvas picture of your family are enough. In short, don’t do too much.basement-remodeling

Quality Furniture

In the first point, we wrote about the need for selecting quality sofa. You should use the same approach when buying the rest of thefamily room furniture. Some of the must-have family furniture are a TV stand, ottomans, coffee tables, and storage and display items. Cyprus furniture also has a lot to offer. The basic rule for this is that you should make everything simple. Don’t overdo things. Another rule is that you should go for quality. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything at once because furniture is expensive.

Family Room Appliances

Finally, you need to buy quality family room appliances. Obviously, the most important one is the television set. Another one is a home theatre system or a sound bar. Other appliances that you might consider are smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home, and water dispensers. On these, we recommend that you focus on the major brands like Samsung and LG.

Final Thoughts

Designing a family room from scratch can be a challenge especially when you don’t have a background in design. It is more challenging especially when you realize the cost of basic items like wallpapers and sofas. Still, if you take your time it is possible to come up with an excellent room that you and your family can be proud of.

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