Essential Safety for Events Management

6 Essential Safety Items For Your Events Management Business

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Essential Safety for Events Management

When you run an Events Management business, many precautions need to be taken to keep both your workers and the public safe.

The top 6 essential safety items for your events management business are:

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Traffic Cones
  3. Safety Signs
  4. Hi-Visibility Jackets
  5. PPE
  6. Pallet Truck

1. First Aid Kit

Due to the nature of working with a large group of people, a first aid kit is necessary to keep everyone safe.

A fully stocked first aid kit for your events management would include:

  • Sterile Wipes
  • Powder-free Gloves
  • Plasters, Bandages, and Dressings
  • Hand Sanitiser

These items will allow you to be prepared for small cuts, abrasions, and fractures. For events with a higher risk of injuries, you might want to also consider eye wash and thermal blankets. For big or small injuries, it is best to be prepared for all scenarios.

2. Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are versatile pieces of equipment that will help you to keep everyone safe at your event.

To begin, they can be used to alert people of hazards. This could include anything from a wet floor to falling debris in the area. This will help you to minimize accidents from members of the public.

Traffic cones can also alert people to stay out of prohibited staff-only areas, or to direct vehicular and on-foot traffic.

3. Safety Signs

Having an array of safety signs at your disposal is great in this line of work as a variety of safety hazards may arise.

Fire Safety:

This would include fire safety signs alerting everyone to the closest fire exits and fire safety equipment.


For your staff, it is important to have signs reminding them how to properly lift heavy equipment. This is important within your field as building and removing event props is vital to the smooth operation of an event.

Further signage could include PPE reminders, like wearing a helmet or putting on your safety glasses. If workers forget to wear their PPE effectively, it can lead to a higher level of accidents taking place in the workplace.


Due to the nature of event management occurring on different properties, it is important to be prepared for a variety of safety scenarios as with events management you may find yourself at a beach wedding one day and a corporate event the next.

For example, events that have fireworks would require signage that prohibits guests from entering specific hazardous areas. If your event is waterside, signage pointing towards the nearest lifebuoy rings could also potentially save a life.

4. Hi-Visibility Jackets

When directing people around your event or organising cars into appropriate parking spaces, hi-visibility jackets are essential.

These will help your workers to be located easily by crowds of people, making the process of ushering smoother and safer for all. This is especially important for Parking Assistants who need to be easily located for the ease of those attending the event.

Furthermore, providing hi-visibility jackets is important if a person at the event has a medical emergency and needs to find a staff member quickly.

5. PPE

Personal protective equipment is vital when handling heavy equipment and when dealing with large groups of people. Different sections of your workforce will need different types of PPE.

Heavy Lifting:

An example of necessary PPE would be steel-toe cap safety boots. Providing these will protect your toes and prevent falls when carrying heavy stage equipment.

The rise in popularity of safety shoes was due to the large proportion of non-fatal work injuries related to falls, slips, and trips.

Catering Staff

If your events staff are also handling food, specific food safety PPE will be required. Depending on their role, this might include gloves, hairnets, and aprons.

6. Pallet Truck

Having a pallet truck will help to alleviate pressure on your workers’ back from lifting and transporting equipment.

Investing in this machinery will help you to protect your workers from serious accidents that could result in lifelong injuries.


Providing appropriate safety equipment for your staff members is incredibly important for a healthy work environment.

Having up-to-date first aid kits and hi-vis jackets will help to prevent serious injuries and accidents from occurring. Maintaining a safe event is of utmost importance for an events management company. By providing such, you will gain a great reputation as a trustworthy company.

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