Types Of Mobile Cranes

4 Different Types Of Mobile Cranes And Their Uses

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Types Of Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes are cable-controlled cranes mounted on rubber-tired or crawlers’ carriers. Or the hydraulic-powered crane with the telescoping boom – mounted on the truck-type carriers or as the self-propelled models.

Generally, these cranes operate the crash from which sheaves and wire rope suspend the hook. The prime movers also use the designers’ wire ropes, working through various transmissions. These mobile crane manufacturers are also designing cranes. They can address the actual complexity of the urban development sites. Different types of mobile cranes serve varied purposes.

1. Truck-mounted cranes

These cranes get utilized in a variety of construction projects. In this type of mobile crane, the industrial sensors have to survive the:

  • Heavy shock
  • Weather
  • Vibration
  • Temperature conditions

installed on the truck-mounted cranes. Modern machines have telescopic booms, though there are available with the lattice booms. They are also designed to travel on public highways. They are often based on or mounted on the available truck chassis.

They are also powered by the diesel engine systems to drive the boom & lifting gear. You can get in touch with services provided by crane truck hire Melbourne.

2. Side lifter mobile crane

The modern side lifter crane gets designed with versatility in mind and is always available with a lifting capacity of 36, 25, or 40 tonnes. This is the lightest side loader in its class, with the tare weight beginning at 8, o tonnes with 20′-40′ capacity, three axles, and 36 tonnes SWL.

The main support legs are tilting and extending, creating their positioning very versatile. The outstanding quality while you have a wide range of various operations.

3. All-terrain mobile crane

The all-terrain crane is also considered the most luxury version of the mobile hydraulic crane. This is also built to handle the harsh job site conditions while providing ease and comfort for operators. These cranes are also the hybrid between the rough terrain and the mobile truck crane. The modern models have an actual capacity ranging from forty to thousands of tons and reach heights of five hundred feet, offering both precision and power. This permits them to work effectively for longer days with less fatigue.

4. Stiff boom mobile crane

Stiff boom mobile crane winches are lowered or raised by a boom to lift materials. To move these materials from one location to another, a crane operator can rotate this boom of a crane. Extend this, and raise or lower this to gain the actual lifting height. Since the stiff boom cranes can only lift the materials straight up & down, this is an ideal selection for placing loads on a worksite.

No matter the lifting radius, and suspending the heavy loads in the air for a long time with little to no dirt.


The most benefits mobile cranes have to provide are their movability and flexibility. especially when various obstructions are always present.

These portable cranes can access the narrow passages and sites with limited space, creating more practical solutions for different job sites. More modifications are also get done in modern cranes to cater to even the problematic job site works.

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