How to Start An Electric Car Charging Station Business?

Electric Car Charging Station Business

In the current times, there is a whole new wave of using electric cars, as people are getting inclined towards it.
But, everyone today is looking for the answer to how to start an electric car charging business station. In that case, setting up an:

  • Electric car charging station
  • Repair workshop
  • A home charging station setup is a great proposal.

The electric car charging companies are also mushrooming. With enhanced awareness of the environment and the introduction of electric cars, electric car charging stations have been of the top business opportunities for a decade. Likewise, opening the petrol pump or beginning the biofuel station has an endless & everlasting business scope across the universe. Electric car charge stations are also to capture a global market in upcoming years.

What does Electric Car Charging station do?

First of all, let’s clarify the actual services delivered by the Electric car station. You also could have seen the electric two-wheelers, cars, and e-rickshaws running on city roads. But from where do these vehicles get themselves more charged? Some people also charge their cars at their place.

Many companies install their charging station without adding any more fees. But every establishment does not have a dedicated charging point at a parking lot with needed essential security features. A specific number of charging stations is required to deliver on-road charging services.

Cost of setting up the Electric car station

The actual cost of beginning an Electric charging station is meager compared to other business setups. The government has also declared that no license is needed for setting this charging infrastructure delivered. That this complies with the specific standards. As laid down by the ‘ministry of power.’ So, no separate license is needed for transmitting, trading, or distributing the electricity to charge the batteries of electric cars.

A step-by-step guide to beginning the Electric car charging business

Electric car charging station business opportunity is the top business model these days. The specific number of electric cars running on the roads is more than the number of electric car stations. Some particular state governments have declared the compulsory install a charging station. In residential and commercial complexes and reserved the specific percentage for these electric cars in such complexes. Here is all you must know before beginning the Electric car charging station business in your city.

You are already well aware that you have permission from the government to begin this particular venture. But an expert will suggest you check. If your state governments demand any local certifications. You have to search for the minimum infrastructure needed for setting up the electric car charging station.

Don’t forget one big thing about electric cars is being able to charge them. There are obviously many commercial charging stations that you might need to plan your trip around. Lightning Solar has made a good point regarding home EV chargers.

Needed equipment

  • The transformer with the later substation
  • Civil works are also needed
  • Sufficient parking place
  • At least 5 ISO-certified charger machines
  • Safety equipment to run this station
  • 11 KV/ A33 cable with the required equipment for termination and metering.


So if you are willing to open a charging station, check the information mentioned above. This will help you to run the business in this field.

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