Vegan Foods Recipes Cook on Barbecue

10 Vegan Foods and Recipes that You Can Cook on Barbecue

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Vegan Foods Recipes Cook on Barbecue

Often when the term barbecue arises, our mind seems to reflect cooking non-vegetarian food, and vegan food may seem a rarity. But specific vegan recipes can prove this thinking wrong, and these vegan recipes can stand equally impressive like the non-vegetarian recipes.

The vegan recipes that range from flavorful veggie steaks to savory skewers have everything that will satisfy the tastes of everyone on the table. 

Top 10 Vegan Foods to Cook at Barbecue

1. Grilled Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: Jammed with a warm mix of green lentils, rice, and herbaceous parsley and served with vibrant, roasted cherry tomatoes, these vegan boots are sure to please.

2. Tofu Peanut Satay and Cucumber Skewers: These tofu skewers are just as flavorful as they are eye-catching. The zesty peanut marinade adds lots of flavors, too. Allow them to be your new dinner plate show-stoppers.

3. Grilled Sweet Potato Steaks with Cilantro Garlic Drizzle: Grill it and muffle it in fresh cilantro. The homemade cilantro-garlic sprinkle moreover embellishes the recipe.

4. Grilled Chili Corn with Coconut Lime Cream: Mexican road corn gets a vegan makeover with this creamy, tart, and sweet recipe for grilled cobs.

5. Grilled Cabbage Steaks with Maple Mustard Balsamic Drizzle: Illuminate your dinner table quickly with this gorgeous, vibrant dish that will amuse vegans and meat-eaters likewise. Chop up all that purple cabbage and position it on the grill to help curtail its natural bitterness and remake it into something sweet and smoky.

6. Cauliflower “Wing” Skewers with Sesame Seeds: These cauliflower “wing” skewers are a delightful twist on this vegan classic and way more fun to serve. They’re decked out in a simple homemade BBQ sauce that wins against the store-bought variation.

7. Coconut-Crusted Tempeh Skewers with Mango Salsa: You can also make this hot and flavorful skewer recipe. Garnished in coconut and coupled with fresh mango salsa, the tempeh cubes will be gobbled up in a flash.

8. Candied Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprout Skewers with Red Onion: This palate-attracting skewer recipe will fascinate the entire family. Brussels sprouts and red onion, and fresh parsley – and caramelized with maple syrup – make this creative dish a BBQ tack. You can find more tasty and imaginative ways to eat more Brussels sprouts.

9. Grilled Broccoli Steaks: Broccoli is an oft-overlooked yet equally tasty grill-worthy veggie. Like all greens, broccoli softens, sweetens, and becomes deliciously smoky for a “steak” that is ideal.

10. Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry Skewers with Salted Chocolate Drizzle: Tender fruits take kindly to being penetrated and grilled, especially when completed with salted dark-chocolate drizzle.

You can also cook the cheese, mushroom, fingertips, baby potato, soya cheap, and sandwich on your BBQ. propane, charcoal, and electric grill, or pellet smoker Australia.


Hence, for vegetarians, there are plenty of options available and grilled options are indeed one of the most favorite of everyone’s. The above stated vegan recipes are very easy to make, and at the same time are also very delicious in taste.


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