DIY Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Top 5 DIY Living Room Accent Wall Ideas for Your Living Room

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DIY Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Whether renovating an old house or adding a contemporary twist to a living room, accent walls are a great way to add some unique style to your space. A wood paneling accent wall adds a warm, Scandinavian vibe to a room, and natural wood accent walls are an excellent choice for neutral spaces. Try a hand-painted arch if you want an exciting yet subtle touch. This home wallpaper design will help to divide a large room into different areas.

Mirror Panels

Mirror panels are an excellent option for accent walls and are a much cheaper alternative to mirrors. These thin sheets of reflective paneling can be placed anywhere in the room and are available in many shapes and sizes. Whether you want to create a modern or classic look, there’s a mirror panel that will suit your needs.

Mirror panels are reminiscent of vintage windows, and you can easily personalize them to make them your own. But if you want something that will stand out more, you can create an exciting frame for them. This is a much easier project than tearing apart a regular mirror!

Wood Paneling

If you’re looking for a unique accent wall for your living room, consider using wood paneling. These wall coverings can be carved to tell a story or showcase delicate designs. Unlike wallpaper, wood panels are large enough to attract attention without covering an entire wall.

While a wooden wall might not look as good as drywall, it can still add an interesting architectural element to the room. A well-crafted wood wall can resemble intricate millwork found in a historic mansion. Dark wood tones create a warm, cozy feel that is more appealing than light-colored treatments.

Accent walls can be a great way to add color, texture, and depth to a room. If you are working with a small space, vertical or horizontal stripes are a great accent wall design. You can also use a single strip or a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes. If you’re in a hurry, wall paneling can create a minimalist accent wall. This style is a popular choice for modern home designs. You can paint the panels to match the rest of the room’s paint color.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Consider using peel-and-stick wallpaper if you are in the market for a new accent wall in your living room. This type of wallpaper is easy to install, and its random pattern makes it easier to install than murals. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about damaging the walls or drywall, as most peel-and-stick wallpaper is made from high-quality vinyl, PVC, or plastic. Moreover, some companies also offer PVC-free versions of their products.

Apart from accent walls, peel-and-stick wallpaper can be used for several other interior spaces. It’s easy to install and remove, making it an ideal option for renters or those constantly changing their interior designs. You can use it on various surfaces, from walls to furniture.


If you’re considering adding a shiplap accent wall wallpaper living room, there are many different ways to do it. You can either paint the shiplap to match the color of the walls or paint it a contrasting color. One of the best ways to get a beautiful shiplap accent wall is to add a flower wreath. It’s inexpensive and a great way to spice up a plain wall. You can also make a shiplap accent wall match your door, but remember that the door can either make or break the style.

Shiplap is the perfect accent wall if you love the look of an old log cabin. It can mimic the look of reclaimed wood. The dark color of the shiplap can give off a moody feel, but if you’re not into that look, you can also go for a lighter shade.


A chalkboard accent wall is a unique way to give your living room a fun and whimsical look. These accent walls are an excellent option for families with kids. They are not only a great accent wall, but they also provide an opportunity for kids to express themselves. Here are some examples of homes with chalkboard accent walls.

Another option for accent walls is to use fabric. Cut pieces of fabric about an inch wide and adhere them to the wall using Mod Podge or spray adhesive. You can mix and match the fabric colors to add depth and dimension.

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