Do Baby Walkers Work On Carpet?


It is time for your baby to have a walker, but the entire floor of your house is covered with carpet. And you are wondering that do baby walkers work on carpet? If it is your main concern right now, this guide is for you. You will find the complete answer here. So, keep reading!

A baby walker is a great walking aid. It removes the initial dread of walking and helps the baby gain the proper balance to walk. But when you have a carpeted floor in the house, you shouldn’t pick any random walker because it might not roll nicely. The reason is carpet floors create significant friction and make it difficult for those little legs to move the walker.

That’s why, keeping this thing in mind, manufacturers designed some great walkers for carpet floors. They are lightweight so that the baby can move them on the carpeted areas with no effort despite the drag. And most of them come with large wheels, so they don’t get stuck on low pile thick carpet.

What Makes A Carpet Baby Walker Different From Other Walkers?

As I mentioned earlier, carpet baby walkers are lightweight compared to hard floorwalkers and come with large wheels; they don’t flounder in the shag carpet due to the oversized wheels. So, the little one can move it effortlessly and learn to walk.

Why I prefer carpet floor for baby walker instead of tiles or wooden floor?

When I got a baby walker for my first child, we had tiles floor in the house. He was so happy to see this adventurous toy and loved to play with it all the time. The tiled floor allowed him to move it effortlessly. It seemed like he was driving an F1 racing car around the house.

But one day, the walker slipped out under my son, and the little one got hurt due to the floor’s hard surface. Thankfully the injury was not that much severe. He was completely fine within one week. But after that, we immediately installed carpet all over the house. It protected our son from getting injured further.

During my second child:

When we bought another walker for our second child, we had the same carpet floor installed during our first child. We noticed the little one was struggling to move the walker on the carpet at the beginning. She had to push it hard to move around the house. The non-slip stair pads under the walker created more resistance so that the little one couldn’t move it forward. That’s why my husband removed the stair pads from the walker. After that, she had no problem traveling with her favorite toy on the carpet.

At what age do babies walk with a walker?

Manufacturers designed walkers for babies between the ages of 4 to 16 months. But usually, a baby can walk with a walker in 9 months. Some children might start walking earlier, whereas some babies might take a little more time. It is completely normal as every child’s developmental milestones are different.

But I suggest the baby be introduced to a walker at the age of 6 to 7 months.

Though the baby might not have enough strength to push the walker at this age, the other toys on the walker’s play panel and music will develop his motor skills and hearing capability. Most importantly, it helps the little one keep away from mobile phones or tablets. But according to the pediatrician, you shouldn’t allow your baby to stay in the walker for more than 15-20 minutes.

When should a baby stop using a walker?

The baby should stop using a walker when he grabs the critical skill of walking and moves his feet effortlessly without any assistance. But I’ve seen my son loved to play with his push walker even after he could walk with no support. He loved to travel around the house exploring new things, even in the backyard. If you are looking for a baby walker for your carpet, this Amy baby review guide can help you find the best one as per your need.

Final Thoughts:

Thanks for reading the complete guide about do baby walkers work on carpet. I hope you’ve found this article helpful. To wrap up, I want to mention that even if you bring home the best walker for your baby, he/she’ll have to put a little more effort into moving it on the carpet. But it is all okay because it builds your little one’s leg muscle and makes the baby stronger. Most importantly, the ratio of getting injured with a baby walker on the carpet floor is much lesser compared to wooden or tiles floors. But your observation is mandatory when a baby plays with this kind of toy to avoid injury.

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