Event Hosting in Dubai: How to Choose the Right Presenter

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The success of an event is affected by many factors. It doesn’t simply rely on the company hosting the event itself. If it’s a famous company in Dubai, it doesn’t necessarily mean the event will go as planned. If the producers or other people involved are well-known, it’s not an assurance that the event will be smooth sailing from the beginning to end.

Different factors contribute to the success of an event. For example, good location, responsible participants, well-organized program, clear communication between management and staff, and a lot more.

To ensure the success of your event by picking the right speaker, here are a few things you might want to think about and do:


The person you should be looking into should have all the qualifications needed for the job. If your event is a formal one, that person should have enough experience in hosting formal occasions or talking to VIPs such as government officials, CEOs, celebrities, etc.

A qualified person should have enough knowledge of the theme of your event and should know how to entertain people to keep them engaged. He or she should be able to create an atmosphere that eases tension or boredom and make the event an unforgettable one.

So before hiring, make sure to check all the qualifications of the person you’re considering.

Lingo familiarity

Every industry has its lingo. And when you’re hosting an event, it’s only expected that there will be terms or lingos only familiar to you and your crowd. Your prospective speaker should be familiar with these, in case he encounters a guest talking to him about it.

You don’t want a speaker who is misinformed or who looks totally clueless about what your industry lingos are all about. You want someone who can interact with your guests and entertain them in ways that are familiar to them, using familiar lingos, or even inside jokes that only you and your audience can understand.

Audience familiarity

To find the perfect speaker for your event, you should be familiar with your audience, and you should convey that to your speaker so they know who they’re dealing with. Being familiar with the audience may mean knowing their age brackets, their preferences in terms of music or food, their social status, etc.

This is important because there might be some information that is sensitive to others and might not be applicable to every audience. If your speaker tells a joke without knowing that it’s a form of insult to others, then your event is done.


Being compatible doesn’t merely apply to partners in businesses or couples. It also involves people working together, even for just a short period of time. Before looking at candidates, you need to be clear of what your vision is for the event, and you should be able to convey it to them.

Doing the interview will give you an idea of how that person understands your vision and how they will help you achieve it through their skills in presenting. If you don’t agree with them, you can always point it out. But right there and then, you’ll feel if you’re compatible with that person or not.


A good speaker has the qualifications of entertaining the crowd no matter what the situation is. They’re able to pacify them or get rid of their frustration by using their charms and wit. If you have that speaker, then you’re in good hands.

But what’s better is if that person is able to do more roles than just being a speaker. Versatility gives an edge to possible hire. If they’re able to do more than just speaking, like moderating, being a panelist, or preparing and delivering scripts in Arabic, then you’ve got a winner.

Fresh insights

If you’re in an industry that’s quite common, you can expect several events happening in your area with similar themes and topics, which means your audience has probably attended a similar event to yours and they’ve probably heard the same topic over and over again.

What will make your event stand out from the rest is if your speaker is able to deliver that topic with fresh insights. They should be able to provide a different perspective to that topic to make it more interesting than the rest.

Another important factor is choosing the right presenter for your event. This might sound like an easy task but sometimes it can be challenging to find a Dubai presenter who’s entertaining and reliable at the same time.

In the act

You cannot simply pick out a presenter based on what you’ve read or heard about them. Referrals are good, yes. But it’s still best if you’ve seen them in action. So after all the initial checking and interview, schedule a time where you can watch them speaking live. This is your final step to choosing if they’re the right fit for your event or not.

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