Do Industrial Drivers Need Spill Kits Onboard?

Industrial Drivers Need Spill Kits

Any driver that is carrying hazardous chemicals that have a risk of spilling should carry a spill kit in their vehicle. This is because accidents are something that happens quite commonly while driving, and although the driver may be fine, the cargo might not.

A spill kit is essentially made to stop spills from entering stormwater drains to prevent environmental harm. Many drivers working with chemicals of varying kinds carry spill kits. In cars and trucks, they often come in a carry bag and are usually stored where it’s easy to reach and easy to see. 

What’s In a Spill Kit?

A spill kit is a safety measure, originally designed for workplaces, that is made to absorb and prevent chemicals from harming workers, facilities, or the environment.

Spill kits in often contain the following:

  • PPE: this includes gloves and goggles as well as overalls or a coverall.
  • Absorbents: these are often pads and synthetic or natural loose materials and occasionally include non-absorbent booms or absorbent socks.
  • Disposables: these are to remove the absorbents and include a dustpan and brush or bags with ties.

As spill kits are made to be a broad-use safety measure, you or your workplace may need to include other things in the kit, based on your specific needs.

This includes things such as:

  • Chemicals to neutralise acids or alkalis.
  • Degreasers for oil spills.
  • Cones, barriers, warning signs, and tape.
  • Drain covers.
  • Respirators or face masks.
  • Additional absorbents.

What Drivers Need a Spill Kit?

When on the road, there are some instances where a spill kit is absolutely necessary, this is because a driver and the driver’s company are often responsible for any spilled chemicals entering the environment.

So this is who needs a spill kit:

  1. If you’re a driver carrying containers with hazardous liquids.
  2. Drivers working where a spill kit is part of local laws in regard to environmental safety.
  3. Any driver who’s working with hazardous liquids carried in the vehicle can use chemicals used for daily work.
  4. Any forklifts working around hazardous chemicals, such as in warehouses. 

What Size of Spills Can You Clean?

Vehicle-specific spill kits are made for spills of up to 30 litres, so it is usually portable kit that is kept in a car. Depending on what you’re transporting, it may be a general-purpose spill kit a Hazchem spill kit, or even an oil and fuel spill kit. The spill kit will tell you what it’s meant to be used for.

Unfortunately, there isn’t likely to be a kit you can store on your truck that can clean up a whole spill of a fuel tanker or all your chemicals, this is where you call a specialised team or emergency services. As there’s nothing you can do, the spill kit you have can be used to stop the contents from spilling into drains or oncoming traffic.

It is vital that truck owners and drivers understand the importance of spill kits in their trucks, and if you need one, you can get it directly From Spill Station Australia alongside a selection of the best flammable liquid storage cabinets and safety showers.

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