How To Choose The Best Industrial Led High Bay Lighting

Industrial Led High Bay Lighting

Industrial LED high bay lighting fixtures, as the name suggests, are high bay lighting fixtures in industrial use scenarios. Common industrial usage scenarios include warehouses, factories, workshops, etc. The working environment of these places is relatively complex, and the requirements for lamps are relatively high.

What are the types of industrial high bay lighting?

1. UFO-led high bay lights.

It is a kind of high-efficiency indoor LED lamp, which can be widely used in industrial plants, production workshops, supermarkets, sports and entertainment venues, and warehouses. As a new type of industrial high bay led lighting, it adopts a lens light distribution design and does not require additional reflector light distribution, so there is no phenomenon that the reflector of traditional LED high bay light is easily deformed during transportation, and the transportation cost is relatively low.

2. Linear-led high bay lights.

Linear high bay light is rectangular in shape and casts light in a linear rectangular pattern. The length mainly includes 2ft 4ft 5ft. This makes them ideal for large open spaces with aisles, such as cubicles, warehouse aisles, and retail aisles. It is also the perfect choice to do a replacement of old high bay light fixtures with T8 lights.

LED linear high bay lights can be ceiling mounted or suspended from chains to increase lighting close to the floor.

How can we choose the best and most suitable industrial high bay light? 

The best industrial LED high bay lights tend to have the following characteristics.

  1. Excellent explosion-proof performance, protection grade up to be IP65, can be used safely in various flammable and explosive industrial places, using imported fluorescent powder, optimizes the structure of the electrodeless bulb body, and achieves the advantages of low light decay, high light efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
  1. The key components of the led driver use famous brands to ensure the service life of the lamps, and crystal lenses are used for light distribution to meet the lighting needs of different occasions. The famous brands for led drivers mainly include Meanwell, DONE, SOSEN, ZH, Philips, Osram driver, etc. The best quality led driver can make sure the industrial high bay led lighting will last 10 years at least in lifespan.
  1. The lamp body is made of light alloy material, with special sealing and surface coating treatment, to ensure that the lamp will never corrode or rust in harsh environments such as humidity and high temperature.
  1. High lumens output. It means the industrial high bay lighting can be with much more brightness with smaller wattage, it will save much money and energy. Generally, in markets, the led chips for industrial high bay lights is Philips or Osram SMD3030 chips, the lumens can be 120-170lm/W output.
  1. Affordable price is also a key point. The best industrial-led industrial and mining lamps do not necessarily have to be the highest price. The best quality high bay light also needs the best price. Industrial high bay lights are often used in large industrial places, and the number of LED high bay lights required is also relatively large. At this time, if the price is very expensive, it is often unbearable for some project owners.

If the industrial LED high bay light you choose meets the above points, then congratulations on your purchase of the best lamps. In fact, there is a way for you to buy industrial and mining lights that meet the above conditions as quickly as possible, and that is to find a reliable led high bay light factory. A good high bay lighting factory can provide the best quality at a competitive price. At the same time, well-led high bay lights can usually provide IES testing services, which can better provide technical support for your industrial site. The lamps can also be customized or modified according to your specific requirements, such as adding motion sensors and emergency backup functions to industrial high bay lamps. 

What are the good led high bay light factories? 

1. Philips Lighting

Founded in 1891, it is a comprehensive lighting company with strong R&D, production, and sales capabilities, and a world-renowned lighting brand.

2. Ledvance

LEDVANCE is a new brand in the LED lighting industry. It originated from the Osram Lighting Division, and its products cover 120 countries around the world. It is one of the world’s leading general lighting suppliers serving professional customers and end-users with a broad range of LED lighting, advanced LED lighting, smart and networked smart home and smart building solutions, as well as traditional light sources.

3. Osram Lighting

Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., founded in Germany in 1906, is a global automotive lighting and automotive LED lighting operator, lighting management system, and lighting solution supplier, dedicated to the research and development, design, production, and sales of related products. product. Products in the field of smart lighting. Comprehensive multinational enterprise. It is similar to Philips lighting. The raw materials of downlights can be self-sufficient, which is conducive to quality control, but the cost of the brand premium is quite high, and it is also suitable for various large-scale engineering orders with strict requirements.

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