Background Check UK Immigration Visa

Does UK Immigration Do Background Check Before Approving A Work Visa?

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Background Check UK Immigration Visa

From next month the UK government is ready to initiate a new criminal record background check for workers from specific professions from non-EU countries. Employees from Non-EU countries like India who will apply for visas have to submit a criminal record certificate with the visa applications. 

Many professionals such as teachers, nurses, and social workers from outside the European countries who want to live and work in the UK need to provide this criminal certificate to disclose whether they had any unlawful convictions in their home country.    

The main reason behind the policy

The UK Government declared that this; process of security is mainly authorized, for migrant workers who will work with children and vulnerable adults. 

The UK immigration minister Robert Goodwill stated ‘As children are the most vulnerable of the society, no criminals or a person with a criminal background are not allowed to work with or for them’. He said that the reason behind the initiation of this submission of the criminal certificate is to protect the security of children and vulnerable adults.  

While applying for the Tier-2 visa, any skilled migrants who have lived in any country for more than 10 to 12 months have to provide a criminal record check certificate from that country’s authority. 

The certificate is mandatory too for an applicant’s partner, willing to join an existing skilled migrant worker in the same sector. 

The UK government already has the right to automatically refuse entry to applicants who have law-breaking backgrounds. The UK authority does not allow applicants who have been previously jailed for four years or more, while those given shorter terms can not enter the United Kingdom for ten years after their sentence ends.

After the UK’s independent Migration Advisory Committee recommended changes to the visa system, this measure; is initiated for the safety purpose of the citizens. 

The documents you need to submit if you are applying for a visa as a skilled worker: 

When you apply you’ll need to add documents like:

  • The certificate of sponsorship reference number which you can get from your employer. 
  • English fluency and proof of knowledge in English.
  • A valid passport or other documents that show your identity and nationality
  • The job title and annual salary
  • Occupation code of your job. 
  • The sponsor license number and the name of your employer. It needs to be in the certificate of your sponsorship. 
  • Criminal background certificate which became mandatory now.


Though it is not possible to obtain a certificate from countries that do not have functioning criminal record regimes or refuse to provide these to anyone other than their citizens, in this case, you must explain with your visa application. UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will consider your explanation and will ask for employee background check whether the facts are true or not. If your explanation matches their security check, then they will grant you the visa. Otherwise, they will refuse your application. The process of submission of the criminal certificate is mandatory for the security of both the employer and the employee. 

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