Places Private Investigators Work

The Most Common Places Private Investigators Go for Work

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Places Private Investigators Work

Private investigators take on some of the most interesting and unique jobs out there. The kinds of investigative services they offer range from huge international and corporate investigations for banks to uncovering what a sneaky spouse is up to on a Wednesday night. Since private investigators have such a wide range of services, there’s no simple answer to the question, “Where do private investigators work? Any particular job could drastically change their work environment.

But surely there are areas where private investigators will frequently go to work, right? Absolutely. Today’s article breaks down a few of the common places private investigators go for work.

Out In The Field

Despite the increased use of the internet by private investigators, there is still plenty of opportunities for them to get out in the field, depending on their assignment or case.

At Businesses

Loss prevention is a huge concern for many businesses, especially huge retail stores. In order to mitigate loss by theft from employees or others, many of these companies will hire private investigators to either track down the person responsible for the loss or prevent losses from occurring in the first place.


Like Investigation Hotline, most professions, private investigators spend a decent amount of time working in offices. There is certainly field work that needs to be done, but not every task requires sleuthing in a car or spying with binoculars. In fact, a lot of the work done by private investigators is now done online, not unlike many other industries.

Now more than ever, in the digital age we live in, investigations can be carried out from the comfort of a desk with a few clicks of the fingers and a glance at the computer screen. Of course, not just anyone has the know-how to dig up the kind of information that private investigators can; it’s not like their value has diminished because they can do more work in an office. Still, the explosion of technology in recent years has given investigators more tools at their disposal without needed to walk out the front door.

Maybe investigators sleuthing over a social media profile doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of a private investigator. Still, as people leave more and more digital fingerprints around the internet, investigators will need to keep their eyes glued to the screen.

In The Car

Some things will never change. Even with all the fancy new tools private investigators have thanks to 21st-century technology, sometimes the only way to get the job done is by hopping in the car to do some good old-fashioned surveillance. That might be as simple as driving to meet with a lawyer, business owner or clients who wish to speak in person, or it could be to follow a subject throughout their daily routine to see what kinds of activities they get up to.

One interesting bit of information regarding private investigators following cars – they often do it with two different vehicles. If you’ve ever driven for a relatively long period of time with the same car appearing dead-center in your rearview mirror, a part of you will likely think that you’re being followed. Private investigators know this, so they will either swap cars or have a second driver alternate tracking duties to avoid raising suspicion. This way, there isn’t always the same vehicle in the subject’s line of sight.

All Over Town

Depending on the task or assignment, a private investigator could find themselves in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes that means rummaging through a dumpster to pick up on a paper trail or find a clue, and sometimes it means searching the woods for a missing person.

No matter where a private investigator finds themselves on the job, they’re sure to find something interesting.

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