Color Schemes For home Interior

Top 6 Color Schemes For the Interior of Your Home

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Color Schemes For home Interior

The color scheme of a home is the origin from where all interior decorating begins, it can make guests in the home understand what kind of hosts the homeowners are. The colors chosen for the inside of a home are archetypal of what the owners value, and these values can be emphasized with the saturation, brightness, and contrast of the scheme. Here is a guide to what kinds of color schemes will work in your home, and what they tell your guests about you.

1. Soft Whites and Dark Furniture

For a space to appear, well, spacious, soft whites are the perfect color scheme to open up the home and accentuate natural light. This color scheme allows the owner to be flexible with their decorations, and conveys to guests that it is an open, inviting atmosphere. The dark furniture pieces offer a cozy, welcoming spot for relaxation.

2. Muted Turquoise and Light Accents

This color scheme retains some of the breathability that soft whites offer, but also indicates an adventurous, travel-happy spirit inside the home. Accentuations of light wood and white furniture pieces give this color scheme a pristine air that makes the space feel clean. The blue tones are especially attractive to those who love the beach and want to live like they are on vacation.

3. Dark Green and Metallic Gold

For a luxurious and comfortable feel, dark, jade green walls are perfect, especially paired with metallic gold decor. Darker walls deliver the comfort factor, and give extra value to sources of natural light. This color scheme lends itself to dark brown leather furniture as well as big, white pieces. It is a deceivingly flexible color scheme to work with, and is therefore a dark horse for trendy interior designs.

4. Pale Lavender and Dark Slate Gray

Pale lavender lends itself to upscale interior decorating, and pairing it with a dark gray makes it more modern and inviting. Purples generally give spaces a royal feel, but lavender specifically makes a room feel very open in addition to that. The stoney accentuating hue also promotes royal, castle aesthetics.

5. Sunny Yellow and Deep Aqua

This color scheme is for the artistic, bubbly personality. It shows optimism and quirkiness. Walking into a bright yellow room instantly uplifts the spirits, especially when it is accented by fun splashes of color that remind one of precious gemstones. 

6. Muted Clay Tones

A pale, burnt orange wall with marble accents gives a home the feel of a vacation in the southwest. This kind of interior feels like being shaded from the scorching sun, comfortably warm and adobe. This color scheme is the perfect balance of adventure and elegance, and in certain areas, is quite exotic and sure to set the home apart from others. Wilko Painting is one company that understands how incredibly personal a home’s color scheme can be, and executes the exact vision of the owner. 

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