Dual Living House Designs May Be The Home Of The Future

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Life is slowly starting to pick up pace again after the pandemic. The housing market has come to life again and with it, a new perspective on what we want our homes to be. One clear by-product of COVID-19 is that it has heightened our awareness of our living conditions from the need for work-from-home adaptations to the extremely vital needs around a sense of community and social support structures.  What our future lifestyles will adapt to, that we see it becoming an absolute requirement for many families and homeowners.

What Is A Dual Living House?

While homeowners will know what this is already, a dual occupancy home – whether a granny flat or a duplex – is basically one block of land with two dwellings built on it. The homeowner can either live in it and rent or sell the other, or even both.

Dual Living Housing Design Trends That Adopt The Post-Pandemic Perspective

There have been distinct trends emerging in 2021. Here are the values prospective homeowners will be looking for:

  • Sustainability in terms of building materials and practices as well as in living (energy use, etc.)
  • Sound-proofing that supports privacy and work-from-home scenarios
  • Co-housing or dual living options that create a sense of community while still affording privacy
  • Separation of spaces within the home to allow for both communal togetherness and solitude for reflection, learning, or recharging
  • Housing that supports the need for prospective convalescence
  • Improved access to natural light and ventilation
  • Multiple workstations (separate home offices and/or remote learning areas)

How Dual Living Supports Greater Quality Of Life

Creating homes that offer a better understanding of post-pandemic life means that we will see an increase in dual living scenarios. These situations could either be a move towards multi-generational cohabitation or a fiscally driven choice to co-house multiple unrelated households. Dual living offers both financial and social benefits. From child care considerations to pooling incomes, a shared home allows not only for a better standard of living but it also promotes the strengthening of familial or neighbourly bonds.

Want a better quality of life? Some of our dual living homes include Affinity Dual; Evoque Dual; Madison Dual; Melody Dual and Newport dual.

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