Signs Baldness And How Control

Early Signs Of Baldness And How To Control It?

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Signs Baldness And How ControlHair loss is distressing. It can affect both physiologically and psychologically. It can lower our confidence and self-belief and often make us feel awkward.

An average human loses about 50 to 150 strands of hair daily. However, excessive hair loss will lead to baldness.

While some men embrace their baldness and are okay with it. Some of them feel insecure and run google searches every single day looking for that one magic product that can stop balding.

Balding is more serious than normal hair loss. And this male pattern of baldness is very usual. Most men above 35 years are affected by male pattern baldness. The common factors that cause this kind of baldness are age, genetics, stress, lifestyle, pollution, and DHT hormone.

Among these factors, 90% of the male pattern baldness is caused due to family history. The next common factor for baldness would be the DHT sex hormone.

For every person, there is a hair growth cycle. In this cycle, each hair follicle continues to grow for three years after which the old hair is shed and new hair grows. But in the case of balding, the hair follicle shrinks and stops growing. This adversely affects the hair growth cycle thereby causing baldness.

Things to Do Stop Balding

People who take up the hair loss treatment for men are advised to notice the below signs of early balding proactively and procure immediate treatment to stop further balding.

1. Thinning of hair in the hairline

The first sign of baldness is a receding hairline. This can be felt while brushing the hair because the hair will not set as it used to.

When you notice the thinning of your hairline, examine if there is hair loss at any other spot including the back and sides. If you don’t find any hair loss at the back and side of your head but only near the temples then it is clearly a symptom of baldness.

This type of hair loss usually creates an M-shaped hairline pattern that is visible when seen from the front.

2. Dense hair loss

An excessive amount of hair loss is also a clear sign of male pattern baldness. Many men ignore this important sign by thinking of it as the usual hair loss.

This excessive hair fall creates a mess by leaving strands of hair everywhere. If you keep on noticing a lot of hair on your pillow, clothes, towel, and comb then you have to be serious about treating the issue properly.

Losing a lot of hair is not normal. You may even have androgenic alopecia which is genetic baldness. Remember, you cannot regrow hair in bald areas just by applying for some oil or medicine. You have to treat it with the right medication and treatment to reverse hair loss due to family history or genetics.

3. Overall hair loss

Men below 50 might only have thinning on the crown or at the temples. But most of the men above 50 years experience overall thinning of hair. This is because the hair follicles begin to shrink and weaken due to aging. This can also be considered as male pattern baldness.

One thing that men miss to notice as male pattern baldness is the thinning of the hair at the backside. Since it is not possible to look at the hair in the back, men do not recognize the excessive hair loss at that spot.

4. Irritating scalp

An itchy scalp could also be the reason for hair loss.

Scratching the head due to itchiness could weaken the hair follicles and thereby lead to hair loss.

If you feel itchiness often it is advisable to consult a dermatologist or a trichologist and get the treatment done.

How to control baldness?

Male pattern baldness cannot be reversed naturally. You need to undergo some treatments and medications to regrow your hair. However, you could try the below remedies before going for a hair transplant surgery

  • Stress is one of the major causes of hair loss. Control stress by doing things you enjoy doing. Inculcate yoga and meditation into your daily life.
  • Switch to a DHT-free shampoo that can prevent baldness.
  • Change your diet pattern. Include vitamins D, E, and B in your meals. Make sure to take the appropriate nutrient supplements.
  • Avoid pollution as much as possible. Protect your hair before going out.
  • People are also ready to take any type of treatment to stop balding. When asked trichologists who perform hair loss treatment for men in Pune they said that men always confuse normal hair loss with balding.

If you are stressed over hair loss it is good to get it treated rightly!

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