3 Effective Virtual Team Building Activities During Quarantine

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Virtual-Team-BuildingDoes the thought of hopping on yet another Zoom conference call make you cringe? It’s tough because many of us are running out of ideas on how to keep everyone sane during these unprecedented times. It’s also because virtual meetings are becoming overplayed, and business agendas are becoming predictable, making it harder for employees to stay engaged.

Businesses need a boost in morale, especially since COVID-19 is still around and corporate events have been canceled or postponed until next year.

“So, what can I do to spice up my team meetings?” or “What are some effective virtual team building activities I can share with my employees?” are common questions managers have when using telecommunication platforms like Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams. After all, research shows that investing in your employee equals higher productivity and happier employees. And, because they’re happier, this means that they will work harder to make your clients happier too!

Here are 3 effective virtual team building activities during quarantine you can use to improve your online business meetings.

1. Hire a Virtual Magician for your next team building activity

Did you know that virtual magicians can help break the ice with clients? They can be a part of your sales pitch while helping you set the mood with your client. Virtual magic is also a great way for your client to remember you because a virtual magic show is an exclusive experience that is different from your typical Zoom meeting. That’s because they’re UNPREDICTABLE with shows that are tailored to your audience and business themes!

Virtual magic is also perfect for keeping employees engaged. You can hire a Zoom magician for private birthday parties, co-worker anniversaries, or team-building exercises to give your team a break from all the hard work they have been doing. If you really think about it, they’ve been doing magic themselves by helping the company move forward during COVID-19.

If you’re looking to add some virtual magic for your next online business meeting, you can check out Harrison Kramer for virtual team building competitions, challenges, and educational workshops. His shows typically range from 15 to 120 minutes and can bring people together from all parts of the world.

2. Have your team do a virtual “Show and tell” activity

This one is easy!

We know it sounds very elementary, but bringing this activity to the virtual landscape will help keep your co-workers bonded together. You can have your team present an item or something intangible. It can even be something personable like a sports trophy or artwork. And, yes you can show your pet too!

The point is if you let your employees “show and tell” it gives everyone a better insight into everyone else’s passions. Sharing these interests will help create a stronger bond among your colleagues. A good tip would be to allow 1-2 minutes per person and then leave time in the end for a discussion about what they learned from each other.

3. Play a game of deception called two truths and one lie

It’s the perfect game for guessing and memorizing what everyone else says. It’s also perfect for deceiving team members.

How to play:

Each player presents three statements about themselves: two truths and one that is false. Everyone gets a chance to make a guess. The person who has the most correct guesses wins.

Advice to managers when choosing virtual team building activities

Remember to conduct frequent formal and informal check-ins with your employees. You want to provide encouragement and make sure that they feel appreciated. Everyone has a different situation at home during the quarantine. Some employees have kids and are juggling with distance learning and making sure their kids are getting what they need. Others might be dealing with losses or more financial obligations at home. This can cause employees to run off course and underperform.

At the end of the day, commit to planning virtual team-building events that overcome feelings of isolation and make remote workers feel like part of a larger team. And, remember a happier team equals higher productivity and happier employees.

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