How LED Parking Lot Light Help Business Establishments Stay Safe?

LED Parking Lot Light

Most crimes, both minor and serious, take place in dark, unlit parking lots. These areas are quite popular and useful for criminals targeting specific victims. Even some commercial businesses can be easily attacked and hacked if they have dark parking lots. If you are a business owner, it is important to ensure that the outdoor areas surrounding your establishment, including the parking lot, have adequate lighting. However, there is a cost-effective and sustainable way to ensure adequate lighting in your parking lot and other locations outside of your business. It does this by using the best-LED parking lot light to illuminate parking lots.

Parking is one of the most functional and less crowned areas for any business, and adequate lighting must be provided to keep the area safe and accessible even at night. There are a wide variety of parking lights and you should consider what is best for your parking space before purchasing. By installing the best-LED parking lot light on your premises, you increase the safety of your assets.

Parking lights keep intruders out of your business because there is no hideout around your property. People may rob in the parking lot, especially in poor lighting conditions, especially in the late-night. Thus, proper lighting minimizes criminal activity. The use of Led parking lights makes it easier to exit the area.

How LED parking lot light increase the security and safety of parking lots:

When business owners have and use this particular type of lighting, they can have fewer electricity bills and still have well-lit parking lots even during a power outage. Following are the 3 main ways Led parking lot light can help improve safety outside your premise.

Led parking lot light Prevent crimes against your assets and people

LEDs allow the lights to work even during low power. As mentioned, dark and unlit areas are a favorite hideout for criminals. They are not known for working in places where they can be easily caught, such as in areas with sufficient lighting. Lighting your parking lot and the outside of your workplace with good solar-powered lighting that works even when no electricity is available will help curb crime and make it easy to spot if something does happen.

They can help you use other devices like CCTV cameras installed in your outdoor environment.

LED parking lot lights can provide nice lighting for CCTV cameras to visually sight what’s in the area at the moment. There are several types and brands of solar LED lights that can operate in lower light levels for camera use and then switch to more powerful when activated by motion to increase visibility and distance to the camera’s field of view. This ensures that security outside your facility has full visibility to see what is happening in a specific area at a specific time.

They can help increase pedestrian traffic at night and increase a sense of safety.

Finally, installing reliable outdoor lighting can increase pedestrian traffic and help people in the area feel more secure. This leads to an increase in customer traffic. If customers know your establishment has sufficient lighting, they will consider it a safe place to visit and are more likely to return. Plus, it can help boost the morale of your employees, as having the right and sufficient outside lighting can give them a sense of well-being as you’ve provided the necessary lighting to keep them safe.

Guide to Installation LED parking lot lights

Lighting helps keep your building, your employees, and your customers safe. For this reason, the lighting installation must be well planned. There are rules and regulations that are related to the placement of lights on the property, and failure to follow the rules can lead to fines or the compulsion of costly transitions to poorly installed lights.

  1. Plan the installation of lights posts in the parking place. All areas of the parking lot must be illuminated by at least two light posts. According to the Crime Wise website, this prevents dark areas of shadow that can occur on the side of the car away from any source of light. The light poles also need to be at least twenty feet in height for the light to fall downward, further reducing shadows.
  2. Install underground conduits or wires for electricity need for each light pole. Observe local building codes for underground electrical networks. These cables return to the power source, which is usually located inside the building.
  3. Build the foundation for the light post. Depending on the variety of light post used, this could include building a concrete pier or a large pillar protruding from the ground. Anchor bolts are placed on top of the concrete to anchor the steel studs in place. Allow the concrete to fully harden before installing the poles. Wiring and foundation work is usually completed before the parking lot is covered.
  4. Place the light poles on their bases. This requires some kind of light crane or forklift to lift and set the pole upright onto the foundation. Secure the post in place by placing washers and nuts on the anchor bolts.
  5. Connect the pole light circuit to the cables installed in the 2nd step. This step is usually performed by a qualified electrician.

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