Shirts to Have in Mens Closet

6 Essential Shirts to Have in Men’s Closet

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Shirts to Have in Mens Closet

One of the things that can help men to dress well no matter what the occasion is, is having a good selection of staple clothes. Having a variety of versatile staple shirts can not only help you to look better but will also help you to take less time when trying to put together an outfit.

In this article, we give you the 6 Essential Shirts to Have in Men’s Closets so that you can look good, feel great, and find shirts that are easy to make stylish outfits with.

1. Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts are versatile, comfortable, and have the ability to make cold weather bearable. Most flannel is made from 100% cotton, which gives you an extremely soft, warm, and cozy feeling on your skin.

Planning an outfit around a flannel shirt is simple, as they can be worn with a wide variety of different garments. One simple look is to wear your flannel shirt unbuttoned as an overshirt, with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of denim jeans below. Flannel can also be worn buttoned up under a jacket, and paired with a thick pair of sweatpants for those dark and cold winter months.

Flannel can be found in a range of color combinations that include red, black, gray, blue, brown, and yellow. This flannel shirt from Duluth Trading has a relaxed fit, is made from high-quality 100% cotton flannel fabric, and has an awesome orange and green color combination.

2. Denim Shirt 

One of the most historically essential shirts that every man needs in his wardrobe, is a long sleeve denim shirt. Denim shirts are the perfect choice for doing a renovation around the house, as well as going for a casual beer with the guys. Denim shirts seemed to have disappeared and gone out of fashion for a few years, but now they are back in their rightful place as an essential shirt for every type of man.

Denim shirts can be dressed up in a number of different ways resulting in looks that range from rugged, to business casual, to hipster. If you’re looking for a denim shirt, you may want to start (and end) your search at Wrangler with this Cowboy Cut Long Sleeve Denim Shirt.

3. Silk Shirt 

Silk-ShirtSilk shirts are in a category all on their own because of the unique look and feel they provide. Silk shirts are known for their style, flash, and sparkling sheen, but they are equally as breezy, comfortable, and breathable to wear.

If you’re heading out for a night on the town, wearing a silk shirt is a sure-fire way to attract many eyeballs, as well as many compliments. We love the color and shine of this blue silk shirt from 1000 Kingdoms, which is affordably priced, ultra-stylish, and extremely comfortable.

4. Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are great because they can be dressy, business casual, and even just plain casual. A well-fitting polo shirt can compliment the male physique in a very significant way, as it is tight around the arms as well as the chest area.

Polo shirts can be made out of a variety of different fabrics, with cotton and polyester being the two most popular. If you are looking for a high-quality polo shirt that will fit all your needs, we prefer the classic Slim Fit Big Pony Polo Shirt from Ralph Lauren.

5. Fitted T-Shirt 

For men, it is critical to find a brand of t-shirts that fits you well, so that you can have a simple piece of staple clothing that you can wear with almost any outfit. Slim-fit t-shirts in neutral colors such as gray, white, or black, are the best types of t-shirts to buy because they are versatile, inexpensive, and will compliment your physique.

In the years and decades past, it has been difficult to find t-shirts for men that fit well. Most of the big retailers sold loose-fitting boxy tees that fit poorly in all the wrong places. They were low quality and typically lost their shape after one wash. One of the companies that have acted upon this issue is True Classic, and we love this affordable 3-pack of slim-fitting black crew neck t-shirts.

6. Henley Shirt 

Henley shirts are great for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are comfortable, warm, and easy to wear. Henley shirts can be worn with jeans to a casual weekday dinner, or paired with pajama pants when watching Netflix on the weekends. Henley shirts are a man’s best friend during the Fall and Winter seasons, keeping us fashionable and warm as we wait for spring to return.

Most Henley shirts are pretty similar in design, and what separates them from one another is price and quality. Based on those two categories, we like this long sleeve Ultra Soft Thermal Henley from Eddie Bauer.

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