Long-Lasting False Lashes

6 Essential Tips For Long-Lasting False Lashes

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Long-Lasting False Lashes

Take good care of your false lashes and they can be used over and over again, giving your natural eyelashes added length and a more eye-catching appearance when you need it.

However, it’s pretty easy to damage your false eyelashes, reducing their lifespan and ultimately forcing you to buy more. Below are 6 helpful tips you need to know for helping your falsies last longer and keep your natural lashes in good condition.

1. Always Apply Your Lashes After Applying Your Makeup

Applying your false lashes should always be the last step in your makeup routine. Getting eyeshadow, concealer, and other makeup products on the lashes might damage them, and you might not be able to reuse them.

2. Avoid Coating Your False Lashes In Mascara

Although it may be tempting, avoid directly coating your false lashes in mascara. Heavy mascara build-up can damage the shape and quality of the lashes, and ultimately shorten their lifespan.  Even if you clean them after each use, the more intense clean-up process will add additional wear to the lash hairs.

If you want to wear mascara as well as false eyelashes, then we recommend applying a thin coat to your natural lashes, before applying the falsies, or opting for a more intense/glam false lash style.

3. Don’t Apply Too Much Lash Glue

Another important thing to remember is not to apply too much lash glue. Too much glue will affect the lash band and how much use you get out of the lashes. It will also be much harder to remove a thick layer of adhesive, in comparison to a thin, evenly spread layer.

You also want to make sure that you’ve got yourself high-quality lash glue. We recommend using DUO Strip Lash Adhesive, available in clear and dark tones, as well as latex-free options for those with sensitivities, and quick-drying options for those with minimal time to get ready!

4. Remove Them Correctly

Knowing how to properly remove your fake lashes is key to keeping both your natural lashes and false lashes in healthy condition. When removing your lashes, pull them off carefully by the lash band, starting from the outer eye and working inwards.

Avoid pulling on the individual lashes as this may ruin the shape of the falsies, making them damaged and unusable. For the best results, get yourself a quality pair of lash applicators or tweezers to assist you.

5. Clean Your Lashes After Every Use

To prevent the build-up of makeup, glue, and dirt (and keep them looking newer for longer), we recommend taking a couple of minutes after every wear to properly clean your falsies. This will also keep your natural lashes nice and healthy.

Firstly, soak a cotton swab in an oil-based makeup remover, and run the bud along the lash line to remove the glue. Once the glue residue has been removed from your lashes, it’s time to give them a good clean.

Place your false eyelashes on a paper towel, then saturate a cotton pad with your oil-based makeup remover cleanser and gently wipe the base of your lashes. This will remove leftover mascara, oils, and dirt for a thorough cleansing.

Once you’ve cleaned your lashes, you want to make sure they’re kept in a safe place, which brings us nicely to our last point…

6. Find A Safe Space To Store Them

Now your lashes are sparkling clean, pop them onto a paper towel to air dry. Avoid blow drying them with a hairdryer, as the heat may alter the shape or melt the lashes, which isn’t ideal for anyone!

Once dried, find a safe and convenient place to store them. You can simply just pop them back into their original packaging, or purchase a protective eyelash holder case.

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