Essentials in Movie Career

Essentials to Have on Hand in Your Movie Career

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Essentials in Movie Career

When starting out on your movie career, you might often find that you are missing the small but vital essentials that every moviemaker should always have in their pockets. If you often find yourself caught out by minor disasters, here are some key necessities you should add to your movie-making kit in 2023.

1. Batteries and Chargers

There is nothing worse than setting up a shot only to find that your camera, or another part of your filming equipment, has died. This means it is important to stock up on batteries for your gadgets that you can use in an emergency, even if you believe that the batteries you put in your cameras are brand new.

You should also pack your charging cables to set with you, as this will give your equipment the energy boost that it needs if it is starting to flag or if the energy runs down sooner than expected.

2. Bulbs

You should also consider carrying a few bulbs around with you that you can use to replace broken ones in your lights. Lighting is paramount on film sets as this can allow you to create atmosphere, increase the lighting of otherwise dim shots, and ensure that your actors can be seen.

This means that keeping your lights on is one of the most important aspects of running your set. You should then ensure that you always invest in enough replacement bulbs when placing your lighting order.

3. Shoelaces

No matter how sturdy the shoelaces you invest in for your actors are, it is likely that they will snap at the most inopportune moment and leave your actor hobbling around and unable to carry on with the scene. Rather than only having one pair for each person on your set, you should make sure that you have a few spares on hand to deal with the usual wear and tear.

These can replace those that have snapped and left your actors without the footwear you need. You also need to make sure that you have the correct shoelaces for the types of shoes in your movie, as well as those that fit the period and the character. This means that you should look for the perfect shoe laces from wardrobe supplies to ensure that you are never without them.

4. A First Aid Kit

Injuries can happen anywhere, even if your set is the safest out there. From cuts and bruises to more serious issues, you should always make sure that you have a first aid kit on hand to deal with accidents and emergencies.

This first aid kit can keep your shoot going when an unforeseen situation occurs and ensure that your actors are kept safe on your set. You might also consider placing items such as disinfectant, bug sprays, and allergy medications in this first aid kit to ensure that no minor medical circumstance is too difficult for you to deal with. This can also help you look after an actor with a moderate injury while professional medical attention is coming.

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