EV Charging Chargers

EV Charging Suppliers: Get the Right EV Chargers

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EV Charging Chargers

With an increasing shift towards sustainable mobility and electric vehicles (EVs) hitting the mainstream, understanding the landscape of EV charging suppliers has never been more crucial.

Are electric cars worth it? Who are the leading suppliers in the industry? How do they compare to their gasoline counterparts? What types of chargers are available? Let’s take a deep dive and debunk the mysteries of EV charging.

Are Electric Cars Worth It?

A question on almost every potential green motorist’s mind is, “Are electric cars worth it?” The resounding answer is, “Yes!” Electric cars are worth it for many reasons:

  • Cost-Efficient: Though the upfront cost may be higher than conventional cars, the total cost of ownership, including maintenance and fueling costs, is often lower.
  • Eco-Friendly: Electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Innovative Features: Many EVs come with advanced technology features and offer a smooth and quiet driving experience.

Top 3 EV Charging Suppliers

Navigating through the numerous EV charging suppliers can be overwhelming. Here are three top EV charging suppliers shaking up the industry:

Electrly: Harnessing the Power of Green Energy

Electrly has quickly emerged as a leading supplier in the EV charging industry. Focused on delivering innovation without compromising on performance, Electrly offers user-friendly charging solutions that make EV charging a breeze.


  • Wide variety of charging products, catering to both residential and commercial needs
  • Committed to sustainability, using renewable energy resources wherever possible


  • Limited global availability, with a primary focus on North American markets


Enel X: Driving the Smart Energy Revolution

Enel X provides cutting-edge charging solutions designed to perfectly fit the requirements of any electric vehicle. Their JuiceBox series is acclaimed for its smart charging capabilities and convenient operation.


  • Offers a wide range of product choices from portable chargers to fast-charging stations
  • Integrates with a smart grid to optimize electricity use


  • Premium pricing may be off-putting for budget-conscious consumers

EV Connect: Connecting the Future of EV Charging

EV Connect pioneer in building advanced charging infrastructure and customized solutions for businesses, workplaces, and residential spaces. Their cloud-based platform offers an unmatched level of adaptability and control.


  • Provides a comprehensive EV charging management platform
  • Offers scalability to manage an expanding EV fleet


  • Requires a learning process for operators to utilize the cloud-based platform

Electric Vehicles vs. Gas: The Great Debate

When comparing electric vehicles to gasoline-powered cars, several standout differences can tip the scales:

  • Efficiency: EVs convert over 77% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels, while conventional gasoline vehicles only convert about 12–30% of the energy stored in gasoline.
  • Emissions: EVs emit zero tailpipe pollutants, contributing significantly to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Maintenance: EVs generally require less maintenance than conventional vehicles as they have fewer moving parts, saving time and money.

Different Types of Chargers

Electric vehicle chargers are typically classified into three main categories:

  1. Level 1 Chargers: These are standard household chargers that require no special installation.
  2. Level 2 Chargers: These are specialized units that require a 240V power source, often found in residential, commercial, or public settings.
  3. DC Fast Chargers: Also known as Level 3 chargers, they provide a rapid charging solution and are often located along major transit routes.


As the world leans towards electric mobility, the landscape of EV charging suppliers continues to evolve rapidly. Electrly, Enel X, and EV Connect are driving advancements in this space, offering diverse charging solutions for a growing user base. Understanding these suppliers and their offerings is instrumental in harnessing the benefits of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. EVs have proven their worth, both economically and environmentally, making them a worthy investment for a sustainable future.

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