Steampunk Genre

Everything You Need to Know About Steampunk Genre

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Steampunk Genre

Although steampunk is now a Sci-Fi sub-genre, it began as a literary movement in 1900. This interesting sub-genre has now inspired clothing lines, costumes, movies, and other merchandise. In fact, if you search for information about steampunk, you may even find pop-culture references about the genre.

It is a mix of science and fantasy and postmodern literature, which makes it extremely interesting. For example, a typical steampunk character usually features Victorian dresses with a futuristic touch. Before and at the time of the industrial revolution, people used steam to power most machines like cars, trains, and even basic computing devices. 

This is what inspired writers to create these unique literary pieces. If you want information on what you need to know about steampunk, you’ve come to the right place.

What Inspired the Name?

The name follows from the fact that these retrofuturistic designs are based on steam power. The rood words are “steam” and “punk.” The genre celebrated the technological advancements and aesthetics of the era. 

For instance, you may have seen steampunk images where the character is a young girl in mid-victorian costume holding a machine gun or a man in traditional, English clothes but with a mechanic arm. The word “punk’ signifies the “rebel” touch this idea portrays. 

Most steampunk characters live on the edge of society and appear “different” from regular people of the era. The books, movies, and other works are set in futuristic settings and incorporate futuristic machines and inventions.

What Do You Need to Know About Steampunk?

There are several interesting facts about this sub-genre that you may find interesting. For example, steampunk has had a stronghold over the video game world for a while now. The quirky designs and overall feel of the genre are exciting and innovative.

It Began as a Joke

The propagation of the word initially began as a joke following the cyberpunk revolution when the overuse of the word “punk” was rather prominent. Noted writer K.W. Jeter wrote a letter to Locus Magazine about how “steampunk” would be the next revolution. However, the word caught on and inspired movements, literature, and pop culture. What we have today is essentially the aftermath of the movement. 

Most Steampunk Characters Have Split Personalities

While the characters may not fall under the direct definition of the phrase “split personality,” these characters are amalgamations of the traditional and the modern. Check out “The Time Machine” and “The Difference Engine” are classic examples to prove this.

They exhibit rebellion, progressive thinking, and unconventional behavior (for the era they relate to). Hence, reading steampunk fiction or watching these movies can be an exciting experience.

Aesthetics and Designs

You can find brands selling “steampunk” products online. Typical examples are speakers that feature traditional wood and copper designs, glasses with thick copper rims, deep brown leather jackets with dark metal buttons, etc. The Steampunk genre has also inspired plenty of art. These pieces are edgy, classy, and unique all at the same time.

Wrapping Up

If you are a beginner and think about what you need to know about steampunk, it’s best to start with movies that use steampunk concepts for historical storytelling. The best way to learn about steampunk is by experiencing it through books, moves, songs, and art.

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