Tips Buying Installing Sod

Tips for Buying and Installing Sod

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Tips Buying Installing Sod

Many homeowners dream about having a beautiful and elegant lawn in their gardens. In fact, installing sod can help you realize that dream. Some people choose to seed their own grass. However, this process requires a lot of time and hard work to do.

Obviously, installing sod is a better and much easier way to make your lawn look attractive. Due to the fact that a sod lawn is usually grown by using the best soil and fertilization, it is considered a healthier option in comparison with a seeding lawn.

It’s also important to note that sod can significantly increase your home’s value. Your property will stand out among the other houses with less attractive lawns.

If you have already decided to buy and lay sod in your yard, keep on reading the article to find out how you can select the best sod type that would perfectly suit your needs.

How to Choose Sod

It’s worth noting that only a high-quality sod can enhance the appearance of your yard. Buying sod can be hard for people, who have never done this before. You should inspect the sod thoroughly before making a decision to buy it. Bear in mind that the grass must be rolled inside.

Measuring the thickness of the sod is another important thing that you should do prior to purchasing it. Keep in mind that the sod can have a well-developed root system only if it is 1 inch thick or more. You should give a preference to those pieces of sod that have thick roots.

You should also check if the sod has any insects or weeds. Be careful and don’t forget to do that. Otherwise, insects will damage your sod, and the weeds spread throughout the yard causing you a lot of trouble.

Look at the piece of sod you are going to buy and check if it is moist. If the soil is moist enough, it means that it has been watered on a regular basis. This piece of lawn is exactly what you need. It will easily take root in the yard. Avoid buying a dry sod just because it is less likely to survive. If you have any questions, you can always contact the expert staff at The Sod Source.

If you have already chosen the right sod for your yard, you may wonder how to install it properly to be able to enjoy its magnificent look for a long time. So, the big question is – what are the main steps that you should take?

How to Lay Sod in Your Yard

The soil in your yard has to be ready for laying sod. It’s widely known that the sod will thrive in a well-aerated soil. If you want to be 100% sure that the soil will suit the pieces of sod that you want to buy, you can get a special soil test kit to check the condition of the soil. However, the results will be available in a couple of weeks only.

You should loosen the soil with a rototiller right before laying the sod. Then you should add 2 or 3 inches of compost to fertilize the soil and make it more appropriate for installing a sod lawn. An iron rake will help you level the soil and remove all high spots. Do not forget to water the soil to make it slightly damp.

When this preparation is done, you can start installing the first row of the sod. Unroll a piece of sod, put it where it has to be, and smooth out all the wrinkles that may appear.

If you are pleased with the result of your work, begin laying the other rows. When you are finished, do not forget to water your new lawn. During the first week, you should water a sod lawn every morning to keep it fresh and healthy. Then water the lawn when it is necessary. Remember that more frequent watering is needed during hot summer months.

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