Right Skip Bin Sizes

Finding the Right Skip Bin Sizes

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Right Skip Bin Sizes

All residential areas are big or small, need to have an excellent disposal system. The waste collected in the residential areas are not only filthy and dirty but are extremely toxic and hazardous chemicals. This waste can be very harmful and be a threat to the lives of people residing in the areas if it is not treated. Hence nowadays many people have come up with getting a skip bin placed in the area to take care of the waste.

What Are Skip Bins?

The large containers that collect your waste and help you dispose of the waste quickly and with great ease are referred to as skip bins. Skip bins help you in removing the huge pile of waste when you clean your house without you been troubled by the thought of how to dispose of the waste. They provide you with a safe residential area. It saves your money and time and energy. It is a very affordable and easy option to get rid of your waste.

Reasons for You to Want a Skip Bin

Make sure you are getting a skip bin according to your waste disposal requirement. Suppose, you want to stack your wooden furniture, but you have got a lightweight skip bin it won’t do you any good. So, understand what kind of skip bin you require. There is a variety of them available in the market which are listed below.

  1. Commercial waste disposal.
  2. Your garden waste.
  3. Industrial waste.
  4. Removal of Asbestos.

What Is The Size Of The Skip Bin That You Need?

The supreme skip bin sizes should be determined by you. The volume of waste that you wish to remove from your home, workplace, or a building site. To help you with the size of the skip bin we have compared the size of the bin with a 6-foot to 4-foot trailer. You also need to take into consideration the amount of waste that needs to be removed.

So, for e.g. – to estimate the size you can go through with the below calculation.

Length x Width x Height

=1.8m x 1.6m x1.3m

Approximately 3.7m cubed. Hence you can choose a Skip bin the size of 4m³.

Skip Bin Sizes Available In the Market:

  1. 2m³ Mini Skip Bins: These skip bins are meant for less amount of rubbish. These trailers if filled till the rim would be equivalent to 2 standard trailers.
  2. 3m³ Mini Skip Bins: These skip bins are also good for less amount of waste. However, it can accommodate longer items. These trailers if completely filled till the rim would be equivalent to 3 standard trailers.
  3. 4m³ Mini Skip Bins: These Mini skip bins are perfect for a medium amount of waste products. These bins if filled till the rim are equivalent to 4 standard trailers.
  4. 6m³ Skip Bins: These bins are also good for a medium amount of waste disposal. These bins if filled till the rim would be equivalent to 6 standard trailers.
  5. 9m³ Mega Skip Bins: These bins are ideal for large amounts of waste disposal. If fill till the rim it is equivalent to 9 standard trailers.

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