20 Awesome Benefits of Using GPS Fleet Tracking System

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Benefits-GPS-Fleet-TrackingDo you run a transportation company? Or, are you responsible for managing a fleet of vehicles? If yes, then a GPS tracking system can be an excellent way to boost the productivity of your transportation business and minimize operational costs.

 With a GPS tracking system enabled, you can exactly know the actual location of every vehicle of your fleet. This allows you a better way to manage your vehicles instead of depending on the guesswork. Also, it even allows you to fulfill your deadlines and promises more easily and hassle-freely when you have the right information about the location of your fleet vehicles.

In addition to it, there are many excellent benefits of using the GPS fleet tracking system for transportation industries. Please keep reading as we reveal 20 awesome benefits of using a GPS fleet tracking system in the following sections or contact one of our fleet management consultants to answer all your questions.

 20 Benefits of Using GPS Fleet Tracking System for Transportation Industries

 1. Reduce expenses:

 A GPS tracking system can excellently reduce the overall operational costs of your business. It helps you to select and pick the best, quickest, and shortest routes for your fleet vehicles. In this way, it reduces fuel consumption and overtime costs and hassles.

 2. Time-saving:

 A good GPS tracking system can bring excellent time-saving benefits. For example, it helps the fleet managers to pick the right route for the drivers and avoid congested and busy streets.

 3. Less downtime:

 A good GPS tracking system is essential for fleet managers to make informed decisions. It allows you to plan the trips more efficiently, improve profitability and productivity for your transportation company, and minimize downtime.

 4. Optimize resources:

 GPS fleet tracking solutions will help you optimize your resources in various ways. For example, it helps you to accurately monitor your vehicles and get a detailed overview of many important topics like engine idle times, driver behavior, optimized fuel usage, and more.

 5. Lower insurance costs:

 Do you know that insurance companies can offer you extra discounts (as much as 35% special discounts? if your vehicles are integrated with GPS tracking systems? It’s indeed a great benefit to consider, isn’t it?

 6. Better vehicle utilization:

 With GPS tracking software enabled, it ensures better utilization of your vehicles. To be more precise, it overcomes vehicle idle time, optimizes resource, decreases fuel consumption, and reduces the chances of over-speeding.

 7. Customer Satisfaction:

 Customer satisfaction is the key to any business. The transportation industry is no exception! With the help of GPS tracking, it allows your fleets to quickly respond to service calls and fulfill customers’ demands and priorities promptly.

 8. Real-time tracking:

 GPS fleet management systems provide a range of useful information to the customers, such as real-time tracking, accurate delivery times, last-minute information, and more.

 9. Better management of your staff and drivers:

 GPS fleet management systems play an extremely vital role when it comes to managing your drivers and staff more effectively. You can easily pull up the data from the system and take adequate actions whenever it’s necessary.

 10. Better finance management:

 As mentioned earlier, the GPS log data allows you to analyze and pick the ideal and time-saving routers for your drivers. In this way, it allows you to make more profits and allocate your budget right away.

 11. Better route planning:

 Smart route planning is the key to managing your transportation business. GPS tracking systems will allow you better route planning which reduces unnecessary fuel expenses and unproductive work.

 12. Increase the number of trips:

 GPS tracking systems reduce vehicle idle time. It helps you spot an idle vehicle and increase the number of trips per day.

 13. Track and locate your assets:

 You can easily track your vehicles and locate your assets more hassle-freely through GPS fleet management systems. It even allows you to report stolen vehicles/assets as well.

 14. Reduced maintenance cost:

 Advanced GPS tracking systems are equipped with vehicle telematics features like engine temperature indicator, fuel level indicators, and vehicle diagnostics. These features allow you to monitor the overall health aspects of your fleet vehicles and ensure reduced maintenance costs.

 15. Better Operation:

 GPS tracking systems ensure better operation of your business as it supplies a variety of information, such as driver’s behavior, vehicle status, and location data, etc. You can access this information from anywhere and at any time through tablets, mobile phones, and laptops.

 16. Timely Alerts:

 You can get alerts (through SMS or email alerts. from time to time. This helps you make timely notifications in case of unforeseen problems, accidents, and mishaps so that you can take the right steps.

 17. Improved Safety:

 If you want to improve the safety of your fleet vehicles by implementing two-way communication between fleet managers and drivers, then you should install GPS fleet management systems.

18. Digital time-keeping:

 GPS tracking systems can eliminate billing discrepancies and reduce dispatch inaccuracies as it facilitates digital timekeeping.

 19. Less paperwork:

 GPS systems reduce paperwork as it helps the dispatchers, managers, and drivers automatically track the records and store the required details on their digital database.

 20. First-class customer service:

 GPS fleet management systems can streamline your transportation business. It will offer you a competitive edge, ensure better first-class customer service, and keep your customers satisfied.

 With this, you have revealed twenty great benefits of using GPS fleet tracking systems for transportation industries. So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to implement a vehicle tracking system for your transportation business.

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