Handling Your Breakup with Dignity

Handling-Breakup-HeartbreakFalling in love with someone and starting a relationship with the person is a lovely feeling indeed. You feel as if you are in heaven and nothing can ever go wrong in your life. However, things start to tumble down when your relationship comes to an abrupt end. Although everybody wishes to have a fairytale ending to their love stories, many do not reach such an end all the time. You will be surprised to know that nearly half of all marriages end up getting divorced in this modern era.

If you feel that your relationship is about to end soon and everything is about to fall apart for you, always remember that you are not the only one in this entire world to feel that way. Several psychologists prefer to study relationship breakups and how it can impact a person’s life. In this guide, we go over how to handle a breakup.

How to Handle the End of a Long-Lasting Relationship?

You will be surprised to know that there are seven basic stages of a breakup. These are shock and denial, extreme sadness and grief, anger, the competitive streak, apathy and moving on, acceptance, and hope. These seven stages happen quite naturally one after the other. However, when it comes to deciding upon the way you wish to handle those unresolved issues and your emotions at the end of it all, you have several choices up to your sleeve.

According to experts, people normally resolve such lingering issues in 3 different steps.

  1. Untangle yourself and identify your personal feelings pertaining to the breakup
  2. Decide upon what you really need to help you move on in life
  3. Spend some time observing the end of your relationship to find out the possible losses that may plague you

How Does It Feel to Have a Heartbreak?

An interesting thing about heartbreak if the actual way you feel it. You may feel a kind of pain in your body, primarily in your stomach or your chest. Many of you may feel a dull heartache within your chest. The feeling of your body getting physically squeezed or crushed is also common. Many of you may even experience a rather severe piercing pain just like the way you feel when someone jabs a dagger straight in your heart.

The physical pains or sensations may either last from a few minutes to some days. This type of physical pain can easily make you feel drained out and practically makes you powerless to even get off your bed. It may be quite similar to the way a migraine or a back injury can do to your body. You may also experience emotional feelings after a breakup, which are associated with heartbreak. It will be quite similar to the feeling of being depressed. A heartbreak can often leave you feeling heavy, sluggish, and weepy-eyed.

How to Heal a Broken or Sad Heart?

Although this process is not going to be simple, in order to heal your broken heart, you will have to process the grief and allow yourself to work through the difficult strand of emotions associated with a breakup.

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