Ford Fleet Management Systems

Fleet Management Systems for Ford Vehicles

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Ford Fleet Management Systems

Ford is easily the best-loved vehicle in America and elsewhere. This is readily seen in fleet management circles where commercial trucks and vans are often the first choices of fleet managers for their carrier service. Both law enforcement and utility organizations are more inclined to use Ford than any other vehicle. Here is Forbes’ analysis of the company as a supplier of fleet vehicles.

Knowing its popularity in the commercial vehicle scenario, the company has provided enhancements to its vans and trucks to improve fleet management. We provide these details to help fleet managers make the most of their fleet vehicles.

Dash Cameras

The latest Ford F-150 boasts several safety technologies. Along with Smart Hitch and Onboard Scales, Ford company has mounted dash cameras. This enables fleet managers to respond to poor driver behavior instantly. Some examples of unsafe driver actions include cornering at high speeds, not signaling to make a lane change, and generally driving too fast. Fleet managers can also use this information to institute training programs for individual drivers.

Management Software

Ford has built management software into their vehicles. This provides various kinds of support to the fleet manager. Fuel usage is monitored, and this is linked to the means of paying for it for a complete record. Information on when to upgrade or rotate vehicles is also provided, as well as when to service them. Additionally, these features are designed to manage fleets consisting of a maximum of 150 vehicles.

Help with Timely Registrations

A SPOC (single point of contact) is provided to make vehicle registration quick and easy. This service also takes the hassle out of transferring vehicles across state lines. Registration management becomes a breeze for fleet managers.

Telematic Systems

In addition to these areas covered by Ford, fleet managers can obtain telematics systems for their vehicles after purchase. The purpose of these designs is to decrease the work and lessen the paper trail aspects of fleet management while ensuring comprehensive tracking and safe driving behavior. Poor behavior is immediately identified, enabling the fleet manager to take the next steps, such as training or discipline. And best of all, these systems can be used on any type of vehicle and are not limited to Ford. See aftermarket Ford telematics systems for more details. 

The technology that is available to fleet managers nowadays is incredible. Telematics systems form the base on which these improvements to the field exist. From a purely technical perspective, telematics systems are hardware and software that work in tandem to provide the fleet manager with all the information he needs to run his department in a digital format. These systems employ information technology (IT) and telecommunications instruments to produce data that can be reacted to and acted on.

The modern-day fleet manager has a far easier task than his predecessors. With amazing technology, virtually every aspect of fleet management is covered, regardless of whether your fleet consists of only Ford vehicles, or you have a different preference of make and model for your vans and/or trucks. Commercial trucking has indeed gone digital.

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