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Digitally sharing files is the new hype this year especially that the work and learning setups have transitioned into online modalities. Having said that, all file submissions are done through online submission portals, through Google Drive and other Cloud-based storage, or emails. We all know that Portable Document Formats or PDFs are the most used by all professionals and students especially that among all file formats, PDFs are the most reliable and convenient at all times.

PDFs preserve every layout and format of your document. Rest assured that if you use PDF in submitting requirements, it will be viewed exactly as it is as to how you formatted it. How convenient right? To add a little more convenience for you, let us show you some PDF tools readily available on the internet that will help you slay this online-learning/working setup. These PDF tools are all available at GogoPDF for free and all you have to do is to go ahead and explore their website to know more!

1. PDF Repair Tool

Is your PDF file corrupted? Or all of a sudden its content is lost? Maybe it has been attacked by an unwanted virus; you probably do not have any idea where it comes from. Let us tell you that even though PDF formats, when compared to other file formats, are the most secured, they can still be corrupted and destroyed unexpectedly. Though this is a rare case, it is a must that you know where to go during these instances!

If your file is corrupted just go to the GogoPDF website and click their PDF repair tool. This tool will allow you to repair PDF file in an instant! No need to seek help from any tech guru or consult an expert in retrieving corrupted files because GogoPDF will do all the restoration process for you! All you have to do is to upload the corrupted file coming either from your device storage or on the other hand, from any Cloud-based storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. After waiting a few seconds, the newly restored PDF file will be generated. Just download it and share it right away! How easy right?

2. Delete PDF Pages Tool

Are you in a hurry and you need to somehow make minimal revisions to your PDF file like deleting unnecessary pages? GogoPDF has also a tool for that PDF needs! Just go to their Delete PDF Pages tool and upload the PDF that you wish to remove unnecessary pages from! This will also allow you to re-paginate your work all in a matter of a few minutes! After you have made all your desired pagination, just save your updated work or share it with others with a link they have generated for you!

3. Merge PDF Tool

As a student or maybe as a professional in this current setup, we have been bombarded with multiple PDF files sent to us by our professors, colleagues, or classmates. These multiple PDFs can accumulate high storage from your device. And aside from that, having too many PDF files can be daunting, messy, and hassle especially if we want our storage to be neat. If this is your problem, worry no more because the GogoPDF merge PDF tool can combine multiple PDFs into one single file in just a matter of a few clicks. All you have to do is to upload two or more PDFs to their server and wait until the merging process is over. GogoPDF guarantees that it will preserve the quality of your documents in a single file. The good thing is you can also decide the order of how your PDFs will be arranged.

4. Convert To PDF Tool

This is like a life-saver for us who want to share files in PDF format all the time!  GogoPDF’s Convert to PDF Tool can convert any file format to PDF format in an instant! You can convert Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, and even HTML to a high-quality PDF all in just a matter of a few clicks!

5. Convert From PDF Tool

In contrast to the Convert to PDF tool, this Convert from PDF tool can do the exact opposite. From PDF format, it can transform your file into a workable Word, Excel, PPT, or to an image file format PNG and JPG. If you haven’t tried it yet, we suggest that you go ahead and try it yourself. We promise that this is something that you will wish to know even before!

Why Use GogoPDF?

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt to use GogoPDF. When compared to other websites, GogoPDF is far more simple, convenient, and efficient. Their site is user-friendly and allows you to understand their tools without needing to watch any tutorials. They also value their user’s privacy by removing all uploaded files in their server after the new file has been generated for download! GogoPDF is also Cloud-friendly as it allows the import and export of files from Cloud-based storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Most of all, with GogoPDF, you can be assured that all your PDF needs will be accomplished with great quality as it has to be–all free of charge! You do not need to pay for subscriptions or sign-up for a free trial just to maximize their tool!

In a Nutshell

Whether we admit it or not, this online learning/working setup is far more exhausting than the physical working offices and traditional learning classrooms. Submission of files from one device to another requires a little more tech skills to ease and eliminate unnecessary and miscellaneous works. Good thing, there are a variety of tools on the internet that can help and save you from any distress. We highly recommend this GogoPDF tool as they offer a wide variety of tools for PDFs for free that anyone can use. You can repair your PDF, delete pages from it, merge PDFs, convert files from/to PDF, and many more! Check their website to get to know more of their tools and features that you can easily benefit from!

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