A Guide On Simplifying Home Relocation

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If you’ve been thinking of relocation or had one ever, you can imagine how exhausting this deal is. How should I pack my belongings? Where to find a truck and what size it should be? How to start preparing for a move? So many necessary stages and things to do, and so easy to forget about any of them.

You can simplify it by hiring a moving company. With a turnkey move, a moving day will go smoothly. A team of professional house movers in Seattle commented on a job they do. They told us about their duties during relocation and advised homeowners on steps to take when preparing to move.

How A Turnkey Move Goes?

As you know, moving from one place to another is not like ‘throwing belongings in the truck and going’. It includes many stages with certain difficulties at every step. Our team undertakes help and guidance from the start till the end. Let us explain how to move to a new house with a company.


The first step to relocate to another city includes organizational issues. For many homeowners, it is the most complicated part. It is great to know from the start when the relocation will take place, how many hours you expect to spend, and other essentials. Here is why we ask for all possible details:

  • how large is your residence (to choose a suitable truck);
  • which dates are the most comfortable for you and how much time do you have;
  • whether you need to transport fragile and large items;
  • what budget do you have?

All those preparations let us make a suitable way of relocating for your case. If there are specific objects, our movers will bring special instruments, such as a piano board. And for busy clients, we can make a plan of express move that takes 3 hours or less in certain cases.


The next part in our relocation planning guide is packing. Our team includes professional packers. They take appropriate care of your things, disassemble furniture and wrap them safely. All professional equipment needed is with them:

  • two-wheel & four-wheel dollies to uplift heavy objects;
  • hoisting straps to take down objects from 2nd or 3rd floors through the window;
  • ramps to eliminate difficulties with stairs and use dollies safely;
  • pallet jack to move small machinery and other super-heavy items;
  • tool kit for disassembling cupboards, beds, and other large things;
  • wrapping materials of different kinds to suitably protect fragile objects;
  • moving boxes.

We take these and other essentials on every relocation. For specific items, we prepare especially to carry them. We put all small items into boxes, sort, and mark them.


When all belongings are prepared, we put them on the track. If you are thinking of how to move easily, start with choosing suitable transport. It is the responsibility of our manager. The proper size won’t let things move while on the go and will keep them safe. There are three truck options available:

  • 16’ truck for studios and 1 or 2-bedroom apartments;
  • 22’ truck for 3-bedroom apartments and 1-bedroom houses;
  • 26’ truck for 3 or more-bedroom houses or small offices.

To achieve stronger protection, we fix belongings to the floor with straps additionally.

Before going, we choose the best route to the place of destination. Skilled drivers choose the safest and the fastest way. Trustworthiness is another important aspect. While being on the go, a client can contact the team and find out where their belongings are located.

At the new location

When we arrive, firstly we take belongings to the new residence and reassemble furniture. It is our main rule to respect your house. Shart edges can scratch surfaces in the process of moving, here is why we protect them with soft mats. 

Even with a turnkey move, there will be a mess, and clients usually get tired. Movers leave a residence clean, putting boxes with small items where you want them to be. It allows spending less time on cleaning and decluttering in forward.

Advice To The Homeowners

Even an ideal move takes quite enough time. We advise you to prepare a backpack with essentials not to search them in the boxes late at night. It may include personal hygiene items, fresh clothes, some snacks, a book, a power bank for your phone, and documents. If you have pets, put some food for them.

Another hint about belongings: do a decluttering before moving. In any way, you’ll have to carry dozens of things, so take only necessary ones. If possible, find out if your furniture won’t fit the new space and get rid of it.

Another detail to simplify a moving process for movers and drivers is ordering parking lots and elevators. Neighbors won’t feel discomfort too, and there will be no way to receive a fine.

In short words, this is how a turnkey relocation goes. Hope our moving guide will be useful for you. To have your moving day stress-free, contact Seattle Moving Services!


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