How to Create a Romantic Atmosphere at Home?

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Want to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night at home? Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, planning to pop the question, or simply want to plan an exciting date night, we have you covered. Follow these tips to help create a flawless romantic evening:

Start With the Lighting:

It’s one of the easiest ways to transform your dining room or kitchen into an intimate setting for two. Turn off bright overheads; use a dimmer or swap your regular bulbs for soft or colored ones. Use candles for flattering, serene mood lighting.

Consider the Music

Even if you enjoy classic rock, you’ll want something that will add to the ambiance – such as soul, classical or jazz. Keep the volume down. If you want to take it a step further, hire a jazz trio or musician to play some of your favorite tunes for an unforgettable night.

Plan the Meal

If you’re cooking, prepare food that you’ve made before and is easy to eat to minimize stress. If you’re not the best cook, buy takeout or a catered meal for a dinner that is both delicious and trouble-free.

Set a Beautiful Table

You may already have candles, but break out your nicest plates, glassware and cutlery. A clean, ironed tablecloth and linen napkins can add another layer of elegance.

Choose What You’ll Wear

Whether you dress to the nines or choose an outfit that’s comfortable and flattering, make sure it’s one of your favorites. Give your partner a heads-up that you’re planning something special (but don’t spoil the surprise!), so they can dress accordingly.

Bonus stat:

A study of nearly 10,000 couples found that those who had date nights once a month were more likely to stay together than couples who had date nights at least once a week or less than once a month. It turns out that a monthly date night may be the perfect prescription for a Happy Relationship!

Create Romantic Atmosphere at Home

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