How To Decorate Your Kid’s Room – Climbing Furniture


“What to decorate kids room with?” “What kind of furniture for kids to use to make the room look attractive?” These are the most common questions of new parents. Without any doubt, it is worth decorating the kid’s room with items that will be relevant for several years: tilde dolls, words or letters made of wood, colorful pictures, figurines and light bulbs that are safe for the baby.

It’s all good but is of little practical value for the child’s development. The majority of pediatricians nowadays emphasize the importance of children’s physical activity. This kind of approach is not new. Emmi Pikler, a Hungarian pediatrician, wrote that child’s freedom of movement has a lasting impact on his mental, intellectual and physical condition, as well as development. The easiest way for parents to give a boost to their child’s physical activity is to buy special Pikler furniture.

What is Pikler Climbing furniture and how it helps?

It is climbing furniture (climbing toys) that helps children develop their coordination and the vestibular apparatus. It is also perfect for maintaining balance, a key skill, that a child should learn for sitting and walking. Pikler furniture include the following items: a triangle, a cube, an arch etc. The item that is highly-recommended by millions of moms in the world for purchase is a Pikler triangle.

What is a Pikler triangle?

It is a kind of climbing frame or double-sided climbing slide for kids, that helps them to master gross motor skills, such as climbing, descending, crawling, etc. It gives opportunity to master skills, challenge children’s bodies to grow, and helps them explore the world around them. Children are taught to be more independent of their parents as well.

What age is a Pikler triangle for?

It is suitable for children of different age categories ranging from 6 months to approximately 4-5 years old.

Is Pikler triangle worth it?

Without any doubt, it has a number of benefits that will promote skill development.

  • The inclined design of the ladder. It allows children to see the steps under their feet and control their movements. It is very important in the first years of a child’s life, when body coordination and hand strength are not yet so well-developed.
  • If a child loosens his grip for a while, he will not fall down, but will lie on the stairs. 
  • The simplicity of design. It does not require complex steps to install it and takes up very little space in the room.
  • A perfect pastime for children. Most parents are crazy about buying such furniture because they can focus on some activities while kids are absorbed in discovering the world around them.

How to decorate kid’s room with climbing furniture?

For monocolor designs unpainted furniture is preferable. However, a brightly-colored item can also be appropriate for this type of decor. For bright rooms, a colored triangle would be a perfect solution.

Climbing furniture is suitable for small rooms. For spacious rooms, there are larger models that will be perfect for families with several children.

It is better to choose furniture made of natural wood. It is lightweight and you can move without any problems. This kind of climbing furniture can be taken to the country house or placed in the garden, where children will breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature.


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