7 Hot Picks Balayage and Ombre Color Designs for Short Hair

Balayage short hair or Ombre Hair Color DesignsBalayage comes from the French term “to sweep”. It’s a technique, rather than a style. So, when a hairstylist is performing this technique, he’ll sweep balayage short hair dye through small hair sections onto a piece of foil, which makes the transition between colors more natural. This technique involves darker sections at the bottom of your hair’s length for dimension and a more natural feel.

Ombre derives from the French term which means “shadow”. But in the beauty industry, it’s a dramatic hair color style combining a darker and lighter tone. Usually, the dark section is your natural hair shade which gradually lightens towards the bottom. But ombre highlights can also comprise other color combinations such as brown, blonde, red, or an extravagant pink. It’s highly customizable and suits short to long hair lengths. It’s just like color blocking because you won’t find any dark sections at the bottom.

So, here’s a brief showing the differences between the two hair-dying techniques and the top 7 hot picks. You’ll discover some epic hair designs.

Sassy Wavy Bob hair

The Sassy Wavy Bob with Caramel, Plum and Honey

This sweet and stunning wavy style for your short hair looks amazing. It’s a high-maintenance style and you’ll need an expert’s help to carefully apply the highlights in plum, honey, and caramel. It even sounds delicious. This color style on wavy locks gives a specific dimension and volume to short hair and has a dramatic effect.

The Soft Pink-Salmon Sweep on a Classy Short BobClassy Short Bob hair

This boy-cut asymmetrical hairstyle comprises a very short cut in the back and has long layered sections to the front. The short hairstyle rocks the pink salmon sweep. In 2019, short hair is moving far away from any blonde highlights. Pastels are the new “it” colors for short hairstyles.

A Pixie Sea-Green and Lavender Sweep

The pixie sea-green and Lavander styles look amazing if you have green eyes. In 2019 the neat and sleek short pixie hairstyle is coming back. It’s excellent for oval and round faces and the subtle balance between lavender and sea green highlights your best features.Pixie Sea-Green and Lavender Sweep hair

Natural Honey Sweep on Short Bob

The honey balayage short hair is a classic. It takes the hairstyle to a sassy level and offers elegance. The technique combines warm tones of honey colors and dark brown.

A Smooth Fade OmbreSmooth Fade Ombre hair

A smooth fade ombre is as beautiful and stylish on short hair as on long hair lengths. You can choose a short bob with soft fading colors of pastel and ash. Its simplicity is what makes it unique and special.

Bright Red and Burgundy Ombre

The bright red and burgundy ombre takes the lady in red phrase to another dimension. It’s a daring and stylish look fit for any occasion. The contrast between the two tones of red adds volume and dimension to short hair, creating a chic but feisty look.

A Daring Silver Pixie OmbreDaring Silver Pixie Ombre hair

Nothing’s more daring than a silver pixie ombre. Whenever you need an attitude uplift, a bit of silver sprinkled on short hair in an ombre style will do the trick. It’s amazing for women with small faces and gorgeous big eyes.

Wrap Up

At the beauty salon, you sometimes feel like your stylist is talking in a foreign language. “Ombre”. “Foilayage”. Hairstylists know the specific lingo, but you could become confused. And there’s nothing worse than embarrassing yourself by booking an appointment for an “Ombre Balayage”. You’ll immediately get the “Well, which one?” reaction. So, knowing the ins and outs of the two hair styling techniques is a must.

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