How Do You Use Hoovers to Accelerate B2B Sales?

Hoovers to Accelerate B2B Sales

The B2B industry is at a stage where it needs to adapt to the changing behavior of the customers due to digitization. Most of the world has come online and the B2B companies have started operating online. In order to accelerate sales in this industry, it is necessary to study and monitor its evolution. To do this effectively, you need a service that will provide intuitive information about the B2B market. You might be wondering what is Hoovers. Keep reading to know what it does and how it will help you accelerate sales.

What are Hoovers?

Hoovers is a sales acceleration service that contains comprehensive information about millions of companies. It is the perfect solution for B2B companies as you are provided with insightful knowledge about everything from the effectiveness and inventiveness of a business to its successes and failures.

How Do I Use Hoovers to Accelerate B2B Sales?

The key method to boost your sales in a B2B company is using a powerful resource that gives you a competitive advantage. Now that you know what is Hoovers, let us discuss a few ways in which you can make the best use of this efficient tool.

1. Study the Market

The great thing about this tool is that it has a large company database that proves to be beneficial in creating a thought-out perception of the industry. With the data and insights provided by Hoovers, you can recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the market. This knowledge might help you determine which areas to target in order to accelerate sales.

2. Identify Prospects

The backbone of every B2B company stays solid by maintaining healthy relationships with customers and expanding its network. Hoovers will help you monitor the companies you are doing business with as well as find potential customers that could turn into long-term collaborators. With this service, you can get to know everything about a company, including its area of expertise, customer base, family tree, etc.

3. Expanding Digitally

With the digitization of every industry, it is necessary for B2B companies to understand how Internet marketing works. With resources, you can track the progress and development of B2B companies that operate online. By studying the knacks of digital marketing and evaluating the successes and failures of B2B companies, you might just be able to expand your business on the Internet.

4. Increase Productivity

When you have the vision and judgment of the entire market provided by Hoovers, certain processes of sales acceleration become easier. You can easily figure out your goals and target the right numbers to achieve. The same goes while shortlisting prospects and finalizing ones that are well qualified. All of these processes decrease manual effort and increase productivity to make better decisions while accelerating sales.


After comprehending what is Hoovers and what it is capable of, you might find it a suitable tool for boosting the sales of your B2B company. As we saw earlier, this service can also help you grow in other areas such as networking, digital marketing, and CRM. While building a strategy to create a larger customer base, you must be wise enough to choose the right methods and resources.

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