How Fishing Is The Great Pandemic Hobby?


Who would have thought that in the space of one year, we would go from normality to a global pandemic with strict lockdowns and social distancing? While we all need fresh air, being around other people at this time is risky. Fishing is very much a solo experience, time that is shared with nature and, of course, the fish. After scouting out some good local fishing spots, you will need to acquire the following tackle and equipment.

Fishing Tackle

If you search online, you are bound to encounter a leading Australian fishing equipment supplier, who would stock the following:

  • Accessories – There are many devices and gadgets to make fishing more comfortable; a pair of grips to remove the hook from the fish’s mouth, scales to weigh the catch and, of course, protective clothing.
  • Fishing Rods – This should be of a suitable design for the type of fishing you are doing, whether beach or deep-sea fishing or even freshwater fishing. If you find an online tackle supplier, they would have everything you need to set out on your first fishing expedition. Start looking for GT rods for sale, as these are the popular ones to use.
  • Fishing Reels – The other essential piece of equipment you will need is a good fishing reel, which stores the few hundred metres of the line that you might need to land a monster fish. Well-known names include Abu Garcia and Shimano and they have many different models that are designed for a specific type of fishing.
  • Fishing Line – Whether you prefer monofilament or braid, the line you use needs to be of a suitable breaking strain (the force needed to break the line). Breaking strains start at 5-10lbs and can be as high as 120lbs, which would be used when trying to catch big game species.
  • End Tackle – This would include hooks, lures, weights, and floats, and you will need a decent assortment of end tackle in order to give yourself the best chance to catch fish. Some anglers prefer to fish at a specific depth, using a float to signal a bite from a passing fish, while others like to put their bait on or near the bottom, which requires lead weights.

A Form of Relaxation

Those who fish find the activity to be very therapeutic and calming and being outside is important, even during a pandemic. One of the first things to do is decide what species of fish you would like to catch, and there are free online resources about all types of fishing, which you can read at your leisure. A quick search on Google will lead you to articles that offer tips on fishing for beginners.

Deep-Sea Fishing

This is perhaps the most popular type of fishing that Australians enjoy and you can book a day’s fishing with an online deep-sea fishing tour operator, who would supply both the bait and the fishing equipment. If you live elsewhere and would like to try this type of fishing, Google would help you locate someone who could help you. Finding a skipper would help you know the best spots for premier fishing and as his reputation would be something he cares very much about, he would always be looking to help his clients catch record fish.

Like any other hobby, the more you fish, the more competent you will become, and casting out your line can be quite an addictive way to spend your time.

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