Fun Party Ideas on Budget

8 Unique and Fun Party Ideas on a Budget

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Fun Party Ideas on Budget

If you have been following us these past few weeks, our “Party on a Budget” series has shown you how to plan a successful party on a budget and given you inexpensive food and drink ideas.

Well, in our latest installment, we have gathered a few of our favorite ways for hosting a super fun and memorable party. Enjoy!

1. Pick a theme

Try to pick a simple theme (like this cute Cracker Jack one or even a Harry Potter theme) to help you stick to one particular color scheme. That way, you don’t unnecessarily increase your expenses by having to buy several items in different colors.

2. Create your own decorations

You know that project you pinned onto your Pinterest board a few weeks ago? Now’s the time to don your DIY hat (and gloves) and get crafty! Spend the Sunday afternoon before your party whipping up the perfect party centerpiece. Find more ideas on our DIY Party Decorations Pinterest board.

3. Fancy dishes can spice up Your party experience

As you read in our last “Party on a Budget” blog post, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make delicious food. Make simple party munchies look extraordinary by using fancy glasses and plates. We recently stumbled across these Tincture Glasses from Anthropologie – they would be perfect to hold cashews or some other kind of snack food.

Pro tip: Buying party dishes might seem expensive at first, but luckily you can reuse them over and over!

4. Be creative with the party favors

Instead of spending a ton of money on expensive party favors, get inventive. Try handing out Emergen-C with a water bottle to departing guests. Depending on how much fun they had at your party, it might help make the day after your party a bit more enjoyable.

5. Use Instagram to collect party pictures

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, you don’t have to designate one person as the “party photographer” Invite your guests to use a pre-designated hashtag like #summertimebash or #fancydanceyparty in their tweets and Instagram photos. You’d be surprised how many people will get into it! Plus, you won’t have to scour through your friends’ Facebook accounts after your party to find photos of your celebration.

6. Sparking waitstaff

Hire waitstaff that can add energy and enthusiasm to your event. Find the perfect team for your event, and spice up your event with waitstaff who will keep your guests on their toes. The qualities should be in waitress reliability, good communication, attractive look, professionalism, positive attitude, adaptability, good physical endurance of topless waiters, and happy mood.

7. Crowdsource your Spotify music playlist

Invite your friends to help you pick the music for your party by collaborating to create a Spotify playlist. It’s a great way to combine everyone’s diverse musical tastes and discover new music. Also, who doesn’t like hearing their favorite song play at a party?

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to edit the playlist before the party starts in order to ensure it fits with your theme AND won’t offend anyone.

8. Relax and have fun!

Trust us – if you are stressed out it’ll start to rub off on your guests. Keep your party simple and sweet and above all, remember to have fun.

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